There is something wonderful about the first rays of the sun glowing on the surface of the earth. The clear views, fresh breeze, and fantastic melody of nature served at a time. Sunrise is a sign of a new beginning and for travelers, it is the first chapter of adventure anywhere. Asia is a continent of diversity and different destination treats you with a different view of life. Exploring the new possibilities, seeking out something extra on your travel journey wake up with amazing sunrise from best sunrise viewpoints in Asia to warm you up.

It is said that no two sunrise looks the same. May it be from the plains to the high mountains, nature, and landscape are always the best during sunrise. A sunrise might only last a few minutes, but these beauties and moments can burn in your hearts eternally. With a good sleep and a warm-up walk at dawn, you can have some of the most unbelievable sunrise from sunrise viewpoints in Asia. Here we provide you the list of the 11 best sunrise viewpoints in Asia.

1. Bagan, Myanmar

Main attraction: – Hot air balloons

Imagine being in the land of Pagodas and the earth lights up with hundreds of colorful Pagodas going up the horizon, that’s sunrise in Bagan for you. Bagan is a wonderful destination overall for a peaceful vacation. Wake up early and climb up to a Pagoda for this view. Bagan is the only place in the world where you can enjoy this array of an amazing sunrise. One of the best sunrise viewpoint in Asia in the land of Pagodas.

Myanmar has a sea of majestic Pagodas to explore. You can find a less-crowd or even empty pagoda premise enjoy this magical moment with your loved ones. For a few extra price, you can enjoy the sunrise and complete sightseeing of Bagan In a hot-air balloon. We suggest you have this relaxing moment following a hike to InleKalaw hike, for a worthy completion of your Myanmar tour.

2. Sarangkot, Pokhara Nepal

Main attraction: – Annapurna mountain range 

Sarangkot is one of the best places in the Himalayas, for viewing a large extent of the Annapurna Massif and Mt. Fishtail. A sunrise view from Sarangkot pretty much caps off any tour or trek in the popular Annapurna region.Sarangkot might be quite crowded but it is understandable for the views that this place treats during the Sunrise. Prepare for Timeapsing this fantastic moment as the golden rays hit the face of the mountains.

A short drive from the city center and a healthy hike will lead you to the viewpoint of Sarangkot. A bonus will be the opportunity to do paragliding from a spot here over the Pokhara city. With a 360 degree view of PhewaLake, hills and mountains, this sunrise view is one of the best in Asia.

3. Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Main attraction: – Magnificent landscape views

Mount Bromo is a magical place to be during sunrise. The hike is difficult but every small obstacle comes with the scenery to enjoy. Many people wake up early to soak in the view each year. This towering volcanic mountain will showcase to you the magnificent landscapes of Indonesia. Different holiday tours in Indonesia focus more on lifestyle and culture. However, for an absolute complete experience, you have to include Mount Bromo.

If you want to do a simple short trek to Mount Bromo, Malang and Probolinggo are the popular starting points. However, for a sunrise view aim for CemoroLawang. It is a small village near the entrance of the BromoTengger National Park. You can enjoy a lesser traveled trail to the summit from here. From the top the sunrise view and even the sea of stars before it is one to remember.

4. Rongbuk Monastery, Tibet

Main attraction: – Northern views of Mt. Everest

There are few better places to enjoy sunrise than on the premises of Mount Everest. KalaPatthar is the most beautiful viewpoint reached from Southern Base camp. However, it comes with a week-long trek. Hence, the ideal substitute will be Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet. It is the highest known monastery in the world. The views of snow-capped mountains during sunrise highlighted by Mount Everest is just insistent.

Rongbuk Monastery is a short hike from the nearest point accessible by vehicle. Tingri is the nearest settlement and you have a scenic drive to the foot of the monastery. The weather is mostly clear during the morning. With sunrise, you can soak in the unobstructed view of Everest and more. Do this tour for yourself and witness the highest peak in the world by yourself.

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Main attraction: – Angkor Wat

The sunrise views in the Siem Reap regions are uniquely beautiful and calming. From the surroundings of the legendary Angkor Wat Temple, witness a journey back in time. The debate is still on whether Angkor wat is more beautiful during sunrise or sunset. Well, each treats travelers with some fantastic views and memories to tag along. So, if you are in Siem Reap a sunrise view is one not to miss.

You will have a spiritual break from everything during this short period. The feel of connecting with nature and history is eminent here. A short hike will take you to one of the less-crowded temples. Here you can sit down and enjoy the sunrise.

6. Dochula Pass, Bhutan

Main attraction: – Views of GangkharPuensum and DrukWangyalChorten

Dochula pass might not make it the primary destination for your Bhutan trip. But, it is the primary attraction when you are traveling to Punakha from Thimphu by road. The landscape views are fantastic which combined with other few sites makes Dochula Pass an ideal bubble to savor a sunrise.

Dochula Pass is the highest point of the Punakha-Thimphu road section. The views of the Himalayas are amazing from here. The rays of sunlight coming from the mountains hitting the stunning DrukWangyalChorten is one to enjoy. Hence, it is very wise to start the road trip early. Make it in time and experience a wonderful sunrise view from the Dochula Pass.

7. Dalawella Beach, Sri Lanka

Main attraction: – Palm trees swing over the Indian Ocean

Here is a view that you will never get tired of any time. Dalawella Beach is among the most underrated beaches in Sri Lanka. It is popular but still less crowded in comparison to others in Asia. Enjoy a delicious breakfast overlooking the sublime views of the Indian Ocean. The combination of sublime beaches and fantastic views is a luxurious way of starting your vacation.

Dalawella beach has plenty of lodges to enjoy a lovely evening. The view you will wake up to the next morning will complete your trip to Sri Lanka. Adding some fun activities to it, sunrise here is the best time for anyone. Dalwella Beach is an ideal family vacation and the beautiful sunrise acts as the cherry on top.

8. Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Main attraction: – Views of the Himalayas

Nagarkot presents you with one of the best sunrises of the Himalayas. Unlike other Asian destinations, you can have a magical view of over half a dozen mountain range from here. If the weather permits, travelers can enjoy the view of the Everest, LangtangLirung, Numbur, and Ganesh range from a single point.

The best Part about Nagarkot is that you can reach there by a short drive from Kathmandu. You have plenty of options for a luxury getaway here. Enjoy the picturesque sunrise from a Hilltop view tower here. After that, you can also take an organic tour of the surrounding villages. Nagarkot is a perfect way to start your vacation in Kathmandu. Be sure to include this sunrise for a magical Nepal Vacation.

9. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Main attraction: – Limestone Formation views from the beach

A cruise in Halong Bay is one of the best natural experiences in South East Asia. For the best cruise experience of this wonderland, one must be here during sunrise. Heading up to the sundeck enjoy a peaceful time overlooking the bliss of nature in Vietnam. Halong Bay is also listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Witness the geographical history of the Earth during a sunrise cruise here.

You can combine this beautiful sunrise with different other activities in Halong Bay. Diving, exploring cave systems, cycling, and Hiking are your popular options. Get out early with your fishing rod and reels and soak in the pristine sunrise views from Halong Bay.

10. Mehtab Bagh, Agra, India

Main attraction: – TajMahal

Mehtab Bagh lies opposite the Majestic Taj Mahal. Hence, it is one of the best places to enjoy the sunrise view in India. On the bank of the Yamuna River take a break in this Mughal-made garden. It might be crowded at the other times but you can enjoy some space in the early morning here. Travelers can have a memorable moment here with one of the best sunrise views in the world.

With the Taj Mahal in the background, Mehtab Bagh is exquisite throughout the day. However, for the breathtaking and picture-perfect view, sunrise is your best time here. Be adjacent to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and enjoy an amazing sunrise from Mehtab Bagh.

11. Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Main attraction: – Ella rock views

Adam’s Peak is the underrated gem in Sri Lanka. It sums up the surprisingly diverse landscape of this country. Travelers can experience one of the most beautiful sunrise views from the top of Adam’s Peak. Climbing up the steps early makes the view from the top even more delightful. In the path lit by stars, a magnificent sunrise awaits for anyone here.

Not many have heard about this destination. It wouldn’t be false to say that Adam’s peak has been overshadowed by other fantastic places of Sri Lanka. However, from the reactions of those who’ve been here one can plan and enjoy the arch of nature from a short hike.