Most of us travel for the sake of collecting memories and get away from everyday life. Asia is a land of such possibilities and you can choose from an array of diverse destinations to visit. Once a lifetime experiences here are something of a promised thing with much of the Asian countries still unseen and unexplored.

You can travel around in Asia for decades and still get new surprises. Some big recurring names might be your first thoughts as a traveler. However, in this list, we will try to merge the known with the exotic and obscure in giving you the perfect dose of delightful time. Here are 11 once a lifetime experiences to try in Asia.  

1.  Sunset view of Mount Everest from Kalapatthar 

Being near the tallest mountain in the world is a special experience. Kalapatthar is often considered the best viewpoint around. Also, sunset is the ideal time with clear skies for viewing the Everest range. Reaching the heart of the Khumbu region is an amazing experience in itself and the view from Kalapatthar makes it all worth it.


– Adventurous flight or hike to reach Kalapatthar.

– 360 degrees of pristine mountain views capped by Mount Everest.

– Great location for photographers to take some mesmerizing shots.

2. Sighting the dragons in Indonesia

Komodo dragon is a magnificent species and the biggest of the monitor lizard family. Watching them live, feed, and exist safely in their endemic habitat is a wonderful experience. Far from the hustle of cities, these small groups of islands are perfect for a new holiday experience.


– Close with the last of the remaining Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat.

– Fun cruise to reach the chain of islands.

– Hiking trails to the nearby viewpoints in larger islands.

3. Cleansing your soul in Taktsang Monastery

Bhutan is a prime candidate for the bucket list in 2021. The hike to the Paro Taktsang monastery makes itself as a once in a lifetime experience. Iconic, recognizable, and beautiful with major religious significance, the Taktsang monastery hike and all the activities surrounding it are highly recommended for travelers. 


– Trail piercing nature and culture to the beautiful Taktsang Monastery.

– Stories, legends, and historical details of Bhutan are traced in the art and architecture here.

– Close look at the lifestyle of Buddhist monks in Paro Taktsang.  

4. Hiking in the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China needs no explanation. There is certainly some segment of this massive wall that you might have seen in movies and videos before. However, the moment you explore the least walked sections you can understand the effort, history, and beauty here in the heart of China.


– Visit one of the modern wonders of the world.

– Fantastic way to explore the historic marvel from ancient China.

– Several sections to choose from for different kinds of adventure. 

5. Discover the lost city of Angkor Thom

As one of the most significant cities in Asia for cultural and historical presence, Angkor Thom is a must-visit place in Asia. You can carve out a week worth of itinerary and experience some of the mystical serenity of Cambodia. Much different than other touristic regions, Angkor Thom treasures the attractions here with care. Between the ruins and temples, your experience here will bid brilliance.


– An exploration of the tie itself on the premises of the magical Angkor Wat temple.

– Some of the best-preserved temples, monuments, and sculptures to view are here.

– A gem of a destination with several stories to be discovered in Angkor Thom.

6. Island hopping in Indonesia

Island hopping in Indonesia refers to exploring some of the 17000 islands in this country. Cruise ships might be the luxurious way to enjoy your vacation here but for experiencing something unknown, try visiting less popular islands. With hidden beaches and possibilities to witness several unique flora and fauna, we suggest you try rural Indonesia travel once.


– Mixing the well-known and some underrated islands of Indonesia.

– A journey of cultural and scenic delights with each island here.

– Abundance of picturesque temples and unique architecture to explore.

7. Mekong cruise in Southeast Asia

You can do Mekong river cruises from different places in Southeast Asia. Different from the modern cruises it lets you observe the Mekong river system and the locals benefitting from it every day. Try some local fruits and cuisine while you are here to make the trip complete.


– A complete cruise passing by multiple countries in Southeast Asia.

– Closer look at the lifestyle and significance of the Mekong River.

– Several local experiences are available only in these parts of Asia.

8. Diving into the sea of pagodas in Myanmar

Myanmar is slowly revealing itself as one of the most interesting travel destinations in Asia. It is the quieter and affordable part of Asia that you will never get enough of. The obvious attraction here will be the sheer number of impressive pagodas constructed in different eras here. Travelers can enjoy the peace and experience the country which lives in its own way while here.


– Discovering, exploring, and visiting among the thousands of mesmerizing Pagodas.

– Fantastic views of the monuments frozen in time and scenes alike.

– Religious slice of lifestyle, rituals, and devotion interacting with the monks.

9. Motorcycle ride to Leh Ladhak

India is not shy of few once-in-a-lifetime experiences for visitors. The festivals, hidden valleys, and lively streets all might entice you to visit this amazing country. However, for an absolute adventure, there is nothing more gifted than the bike trip to Leh Ladakh.


– Adrenaline pumping adventure in the Mountains of this multi-day tour.

– Unreal landscape and locations to know the rural Himalayas better.

– Picturesque setting to collect some amazing memories.

10. Sakura: cherry blossom in Yoshino city

Traveling to Japan might bombard you with a tone of new experience in culture, ethics, lifestyle, and many more. However, a natural phenomenon makes our list in the form of the infamous cherry blossom. Yes, you might have seen the pristine pictures and movies but being there yourself tops it all.


– View the whole city turn pink with the cherry blossom.

– Calming experience is best during the sunset period.

11. Wander in the vast terrain of the Altai Mountains

A journey where the Mongolian and Turkic worlds meet, the Altai Mountains inspire you to seek the mysteries and history of the Siberian wonderland. It is much of a group experience and you can truly redefine adventure here in the Altai Mountains.


– Explore the region far from modern amenities, unknown and sometimes even unnerving.

– A ride towards the extreme rural regions in the world.

– Ethnic culture and Siberian adventure mixed in a single go.

If you have never been to Asia, everything might seem new to you. The hospitality and interesting culture slowly help you to adjust to the lifestyle here and in no time you will realize what you were missing all your life. With the ever-changing nature of the destinations hurry and witness these adventures as they were meant to in Asia.