The travel industry has been hit harder by the COVID Pandemic than many other sectors. It has been recovering steadily the question about everything just being too costly might be on your mind. We want to assure you that even when some changes are inevitable, travel is possible for every kind of individual. Just the method and preferences differ.

So, will travel get expensive after the COVID 19 Pandemic? Well, the answer is both Yes and No. We have concluded that luxury travel will be more expensive however local traveling and experience will be similar. One can still plan a solid budget vacation in Asia without the need to break extra from your bank even after the pandemic.

Your travel plans for the past two years have been affected by the COVID pandemic in one way or another. Similarly, you might have to change your travel budget alongside the changing factors. We have given you the answer to want level traveling especially in Asia is going to be expensive. Also, there are some pro-tips to save money and a breakdown of the major expenses you might have.

Transportation Fares

It is no surprise that the global aviation fares have gone up during the pandemic. Unlike your other expenses, you can see and compare the exact price with different flights and select the one that fits you perfectly. The big chunk of your travel budget will be for international transportation purposes and sadly you don’t have your say on it.

Domestic transport on the other hand once you have arrived at your destination will not be that expensive. If you can try to get a transport-included package from your tour operator. In this way, you can lease a bit of your burden with them. So, once the international flights are taken off the table, you can expect an unchanged cost range.


Now accommodation is one of those expenses that completely depend on your preference. For the post-COVID scenario studies showed that in high-end hotels and accommodations the rates have gone up to 25%. However, there is seemingly little to no change in the smaller businesses. Focusing on Asia alone which is known for its choices of traditional accommodation, you can find a uniform cost range.

Food and supplies

Bigger restaurants and food chains have raised to 15% more on food prices. However, you can still expect the normal price in local grocery stores and food stops. If your travel package doesn’t include food try adding a few bucks more to your daily expense just for the sake of it. No vacation in Asia is complete without trying some local foods. It is delightful news to travelers that almost none of the local food experience will cost you more than it should due to the Pandemic.

Guide and members

For guided traveling the difference is if you are hiring a personal guide or through a travel agency. Most reputable travel agencies have pledged to keep the guided tour packages reasonably priced even after the pandemic. However, you can have mixed experiences for personal or sometimes even local guides. Focusing on Asia once again you are likely to need a guide for your travel and it is good to know their rates and more before you start your journey.

Additional costs

Although Transport, Accommodation, Food, and travel guides are the major constituents of your budget, there are several additional costs that you want to have an update for. Let’s go quickly through some of these expenses post-COVID 19 Pandemic.

Travel Insurance

Insurance policies have been more expensive. However, it might have included more Medical and emergency coverage.

– Gears

Gears and equipment for travelers are likely to be reasonably priced due to the prominence of online shopping. It is expected to be a tad bit expensive if you are looking to buy them in your destination due to the pandemic setbacks.

– Permits/passes/entrance cost

All the visa, permits, passes, and entrance charges are likely to remain unchanged post COVID. Additionally, you might even be offered these free in several countries for a certain period to ease your traveling.

– Tips or Gratuity

Tips are subjective. However, we will suggest you be a bit more generous especially when you are supporting the local economy. It will play an important role in recovering from the travel restrictions.

Wise tips for saving costs while traveling

Here are some tips specifically helpful for travelers post-pandemic for getting the best offers.

  • Always pre-book your tickets and get the early-bird discounts.
  • If allowed you can plan a camping tour freeing you from the large accommodation charges.
  • When there are choices present, select wisely from big or local companies.
  • If you are bad at managing your budget look for a travel package that includes different expenses.
  • If not needed, avoid a guided tour. However, doing it might aid the local economy.
  • Put caps on the expenses to avoid compulsive shopping on additional requirements.
  • Travel in the off-season, if that is possible for exclusive deals.
  • Use local transportation if the reputation and reviews are good enough.