Kathmandu as a traveler is a destination with some amazing opportunities and experiences. Recreational activities here for some period will let you know the culture, nature, and beauty of the captivating cities here without the pressure of following a strict itinerary. Entertainment and self-discovery are now more important than ever. Recreational activities in Kathmandu will let you grace those with no delay while you are here.

Nepal is best known for the Himalayas and some out-of-the-world adventure tourism. However, separating some free time for some new and unique recreational activities while you are at the capital is highly recommended too. Sometimes by being in the serene grasp of nature while in others mixing with the crowds and locals, there lies a beauty in every corner for you to relish. So why not do it?

Recreation is a freely chosen activity with the purpose of enjoyment, exercise, peace, or pleasure to indulge yourself during leisure. You can pretty much make a full vacation out of these in Nepal. Nonetheless, here are 7 recreational activities to try while you are in Kathmandu Valley.

1. Street Photography

Cost: 0-50$ (Price for guides) 

Photography is one of the most common recreational activity and Nepal has something for everyone out there. Landscape and wildlife photography is extremely popular here with the resurgence of village-life photography in recent years. However, Kathmandu Valley allows travelers to dive into a fantastic journey of streets with your camera.

A local guide will help you navigate and reach some hidden places too. `An array of colorful artifacts and handicrafts besides the historic monuments and life going in between, You can capture it all. The local culture, commerce, and lifestyle are objects to your story and there is no better treat to your lens too.

2. Cycling

Cost: 80-200$ (multiday trails)

Cycling is another fantastic recreational activity for adventure lovers in Kathmandu. There are several trails that you can tackle to replenish your soul. These tours are refreshing and often highlight the outskirt hills of the valley. Shivapuri trail, the Scar trail, NagarkotChisapani trail, LakuriBhanjyang to Banepa trail, and ChobarChampadevi trail are the popular day cycling options for you.

For multiple days you can choose Kathmandu rim trail of 8 days is enticing and complete to try. With the perfect balance of exercise and nature, cycling in Kathmandu Valley is our second recommendation.

3. Hiking

Cost: 80-200$ (depends on hikes)

Hiking is an amazing way to leave the daily hustle towards an isolated destination. It is preferred by many travelers in Kathmandu as well. Similarly, hiking fits perfectly for trekkers as a warm-up experience before heading towards the high Himalayas. Chandragiri, Nagarkot, Champadevi, Khokana-Bungamati, Jamacho, Baghdwar, and Pulchowki hikes are well-rounded day hikes options to enjoy in Kathmandu valley. Give your body a fresh breeze of air and your eyes a scenic boost in Nepal.

4. Yoga and Meditation

Cost: 60-120$ per week

Meditation and Yoga are among the top reasons travelers come to Nepal. Often added to tours in Kathmandu, a Yoga retreat is the best way to stay healthy and clear your mind during the vacation. Yoga and meditation is one of the promising recreational activities in Kathmandu for the mind and body relaxation. There are several kinds and duration of Yoga sessions that you can take part in with many adjoined features like spa, massage, and sightseeing.  We recommend you start your day with mantras to cleanse the negative energy and select the morning classes in Thamel. Similarly, location yoga is also enjoyable with a short trip or hike to do just before.

5. Pottery

Cost: 25-40$ per session

Pottery is serene and calming in its own way. It is a beautiful art-form from medieval Nepal which alive at a handful of places in the valley right now. The magic of making a lump of clay into beautiful shapes and molds is a unique experience. You could even take the result of your session back as a souvenir from these classes which is a bonus. Take a go at the traditional pottery wheel and create your ceramic piece to remember while you are at Kathmandu Valley.  

6. Cultural Dance lessons  

Cost: 80-200$ (Depends on duration)

If dancing is your way of relaxation then Kathmandu has several dance studios to visit. Here you can learn the cultural dances of different tribes and ethnic groups in Nepal. GhatuNritya, MaruniNach, Sorathi, and Deuda dances are the most popular folk dances loved throughout the country of Nepal.

Wearing a traditional dress you can get closer to the Nepalese culture and traditions as well. You can learn some Nepalese songs to hum returning from here. You wouldn’t have to wander far as there are some facilitated dance studios in the Thamel areas.

7. Learning to Make Momos

Cost: 20$

For Foodies out there Kathmandu Valley is a never-ending array of unique treats. Momo is the beloved snack of the locals here. You can enjoy over twenty variations of the dish while you are in Kathmandu. The best part will certainly be to learn to make Momos. It takes less than an hour and you can enjoy your own Momos at the end of the day. As an interesting dish with opportunities to add your twist, learn to make Momos whilst in Kathmandu.

Adventure and travel are both the highlights of Nepal and Kathmandu Valley is the best way of starting your journey. Spend few days here and complete your vacation on a high note.