Nepal has different depictions depending on the person, agency, or travelers you ask. One of the reasons for this is the availability of several flexible ways of traveling around the nation. From some silly facts to downright absurd myths you are likely to be confused too if you have never traveled to Nepal. From a research point of view too Nepal is a country with interesting features that one can delve into. On a journey towards South Asia, we will provide you with a head-start for your preparation for traveling to Nepal.

Well, we have collected feedback from travelers, travel agencies, and locals in Nepal. After analyzing them thoroughly there are several obvious and some unusual results on the travel experience and related stuff in Nepal. As a relevant study of the present years here, this article will give you a view of what to expect and realize in your next visit here. Here is traveling to Nepal in a nutshell with your expectation and reality.

You have a lot of trekking options, but trekking is not everything

Yes, the feel of a trail leading towards the Himalayas is magical. But, if you think Nepal is just about trekking, you’re wrong there. You will probably be lead to one of the trekking websites while researching Nepal. Apart from trekking, the major portion of travelers here do the underrated cultural and natural trips around. Similarly, rural expedition, eco-tours, city sightseeing, and safaris are some of the many choices you have.

Being Spontaneous is not something you will incorporate with Nepal. However, with enough time and budget available you can pull out a fantastic itinerary fitting ideally your travel taste.

The Traffic Combination of chaos, crazy driving skills, and local flair  

The very first thing you’ll notice is traffic as soon as you are out of the Airport while traveling to Nepal. We guarantee that you that your drive to the hotel will be eventful. The traffic rules are loosely interpreted and you can see more instinctive driving. You may have heard about this from past travelers too. In this case, your expectation matches reality. With a lot of vehicles on small roads, locals crossing from anywhere, and drivers maneuvering, Kathmandu welcomes you. 

Nepali food from a simple staple to blissful use of ingredients

Nepalese cuisine is not particularly popular around the world. Some of the few simple and significant foods pop up when the discussion starts here. Dal Bhat and Dhido will be your introduction here. For a better treat to your taste buds, we suggest you try the Newari, Thakali, and Tharu cuisine. These Nepali foods belonging to the local regions will let you witness the combination of both healthy and tasty delights. Your expectation will be a small menu but in reality, food in Nepal is different and delicious in many places you’ll visit. While traveling to Nepal your one takeaway can be the memories and taste of delicious foods.

Accommodation is of several different kinds

You will not find many descriptions about accommodation in the reviews of Nepal Travel. As a traveler to Nepal, you can choose any kind of accommodation from luxurious high-end hotels to simple homestays. If you are not in the rural segments and doing some of the city tours here there will be no hassle to find rooms that will match your budget and expectation.

Now for the Himalayas and rural regions, everything is basic and just enough. We suggest you don’t get your hopes high and get ready to compromise a bit more.

You will find every type of Travel agencies in this country

Yes. There might be a varied expectations about travel agencies in Nepal. Some of you might think that they are cash-driven leeches while others might actually understand the word agency. Well, to be honest, there is every kind of travel agency here. With literally hundreds of them, we can only vouch for a handful of professional travel operators in Nepal. For the rest read at the reviews and if possible try contacting the individuals themselves to ask for the experience.

The budget for traveling is different for every people, here is the lower limit 

Some of you travelers out there are demotivated by the high price tags of few tours in Nepal. Well, a clear breakdown of the price will make you clear that Nepal is actually quite a budget-friendly destination. While most of the travel components are reasonably priced you can find low-cost local transportation and accommodation easily. Similarly, anyone can blow up their budget by trying exotic adventures and activities too here. Our lower limit for anyone here is 500$ or less for anyone per weeks’ worth of travel as enough.

A tale of two sides, Nepal outside the Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley is a mega-city on making and you might not enjoy much time here. The good news for you is that almost everything changes once you visit other places even if it is close to the city. More relaxed, a lot quieter, and a proper introduction to the nation is what you can expect. As of present the only international airport (TIA) to enter Nepal is at Kathmandu. Any traveler here can witness a shift of time in and out of the Kathmandu Valley. 

Doing things the Nepali way

There are a bunch of things that Nepal does in its own way. More often than not there are traditional methods that have become a habit over time. Always try to return the Namaste directed towards you. Bow slightly and join your hands for this pleasant greeting. Finger-feeding is very much common in much of this country. If you want to try it yourself always use your right hand. Squat Toilets dominate the nation in its department and you can try getting used to it as well.

Similarly, festivals are livelier and carry major significance deeper you are in the village regions here. Bargaining is common and the Nepali way of getting the price you want will again amaze you. Subtle notice or amusement will still surround you as a foreign traveler in Nepal. Be ready to witness and sometimes even try to do things in a Nepali way. 

Not everything will be perfect, but that is the beauty and thrill of Traveling to Asia

Now, one of the biggest realities for travelers in Asia is that not everything will be according to plan here. Credit cards are still not accepted outside the main cities and you will find ATMs hard to find in much of Nepal. Trekkers can experience low connectivity of the mobile networks and permits might not be available on time.

Bad weather might cancel your flight or you could not like some delays in the process as a traveler. Much of these will be easier with a proper travel guide with you but preparing for every situation is the best advice we can give you. Always keep some days and money for the rainy days and enjoy the uncertainty as well in Nepal.    

Not as rural as you think but still saving the culture and tradition handed down through generations and every bit beautiful as you have imagined, Nepal is the perfect experience to have. With this read, you can know that country and travel better too. As not everything is covered here prepare to be amazed on your next vacation to Nepal.