Travel insurance is one of the first things to select as soon as you have confirmed your vacation. This insurance deals with different kinds of unforeseen losses that might incur while traveling. It might even be a mandatory document for selective countries especially in Asia. Moreover, there are at least 34 countries around the world where you might have to send a copy of travel insurance while applying for the Visa itself. It allows you to be slightly carefree in your travel approach and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

There are many companies offering several kinds of travel insurance services. Finding the policy that fits your trip the most might prove to be troublesome. Especially, due to the COVID-pandemic, it is best to have travel insurance that will let you know that you are going to be fine no matter the circumstance. It is more of a safety harness than an extra expense for modern travelers. Here we have highlighted the things to consider before buying travel insurance, especially for Asia.

Why is Travel Insurance important?

Travel Insurance is important for you to have some protection in case your vacation doesn’t go according to plan. These might be difficult to control or sometimes even predict in lesser-known travel destinations. At the end of the day, travel insurance prevents you to take a large toll of fees and bills added to your travel expenses.

These are the main reasons almost all travel operators suggest you acquire at least the simplest of policies to be prepared just in case. Similarly, studies have even shown officials favoring the visa-approval process when there is a reliable travel insurance copy attached with the Visa Application.

What does a good policy look like?

A good policy might have several segments that will cover the specifics of your travel vacation. For example, if you are traveling in high-altitude rural regions, getting helicopter evacuation insurance is the first recommendation. The price for the insurance must be reasonable and there mustn’t be any hidden charges whatsoever. Make sure you can claim the insurance money without any hassle as it is the problem with most unreliable insurance companies. Finally, you might benefit from buying a policy from the companies that operate internationally through several local affiliates.

Things to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

As you might have understood the importance of proper Travel insurance by now let us go through the top things to consider before buying travel insurance for your journey.

1. Medical Expenses covered

It is the first thing you should look for while selecting travel insurance. This is to cover any cost of surgical and medical treatments while you are away. Most companies provide anywhere between $100,000 to $2m in their premium policies. You can also ask for the inclusion of a repatriation service if you are to return home immediately due to medical reasons. Make sure to get some information on the health system on the destinations you will visit and select the ideal policy.

2. Cancellation/delay/missed departure Coverage

If you have to shorten or cancel your trip for any reason, it is best to have a policy that covers a certain portion of the expenses. Most insurance policies do mention the amount in their description but you must read the terms and conditions. There might be some specific scenarios (for example change of mind) when your insurance will not cover your cancellation amount.

3. Baggage cover 

Make sure your insurance will cover in case of your baggage is stolen, lost, destroyed, or damaged. This will need for you to provide some proof which is stated in the policy details. Note them well for removing any hassle during your claiming process.

4. Policy payment amount

Now, this is where it gets tricky. Almost all frequent travelers have some form of travel insurance while traveling. However, for the same scenario, the policy payment amount might be different with multiple factors to consider for each individual. It can even get frustrating sometimes. So, clear any doubts and confusion beforehand to get the approximate amount your insurance company must pay you. 

5. Covers personal liability

This might not be included in most of the basic insurance policies out there. It simply assures coverage in case you are liable to pay for damage to someone’s property or accidental bodily injury to someone. This might help you a lot in a foreign land with financial as well as legal matters. Also, make sure someone close to you could claim as per the policy as you might not be present there to do so.

6. Emergency evacuation expenses

Emergency evacuation might sound extreme. However, it is a common inclusion in insurance policies when you are traveling to somewhat dangerous places. Different methods might be stated specifically for the countries where you are traveling to. You should also check if the evacuation cost includes a flight back to your country or only covers the evacuation up to a safe destination. Emergency evacuation is among the costliest expenses so know its limits properly in your travel insurance.

7. Terms and conditions

Last but not least look at the overall terms and conditions. There have been hundreds of cases when a perfectly logical insurance claim was denied due to some ludicrous conditions mentioned in the policy. Learn from the mistakes of the travelers before you and look for the specific policy elements.

Things to watch out for in your Travel insurance policy

  • Different defined or hidden extra charges. For example, amounts change for different periods of the year. 
  • Overseas days- for maximum days you are covered in case of extended vacation outside your country.
  • Trip duration flexibility- Customizable start and end date of the trip, in case of postponement.  
  • Different receipt requirements (Mostly for the baggage claims)
  • Emergency extra charges for services that are not transparently billed.

5 Best Travel Insurance companies for your Vacation in Asia

If you are still not sure which policy will fit your travel best, here is a list of five known companies to request a quote from.

1. HTH Worldwide

Ratings: 4.58 on 173 reviews

Best Scoring Plan: Trip Protector Preferred

Cancellation Availability: Yes

COVID coverage: Yes

Emergency Medical Expenses: $500,000

2. Seven Corners

Ratings: 4.47 on 250 reviews

Best Scoring Plan: Roundtrip Elite

Cancellation Availability: yes

COVID coverage: yes

Emergency Medical Expenses: $250,000

3. Trawick International

Ratings: 4.8 on 63 reviews

Best Scoring Plan: Safe Travels Voyager

Cancellation Availability: Yes

COVID coverage: Yes

Emergency Medical Expenses: $250,000

4. AIG Travel

Ratings: 4.33 on 145 reviews

Best Scoring Plan: Travel Guard Deluxe

Cancellation Availability: yes

COVID coverage: yes

Emergency Medical Expenses: $100,000

5. Travel Safe Insurance

Ratings: 4.15 on 87 reviews

Best Scoring Plan: Classic Travel pro

Cancellation Availability: yes

COVID coverage: yes

Emergency Medical Expenses: $100,000

Better safe than sorry, enjoy a tranquil journey to Asia

Yes, travel insurance is the investment of wise travelers no matter where you go. Proper policy coverage will reimburse you in so many ways that the only thing you should care about is to make the most of your vacation. Have a fabulous time with travel insurance taking care of your worries while in Asia.