Asia is the biggest continent in the world both by area and population. Asia Tour with almost 50 independent countries, the possibility to travel and experience a different culture is almost unparalleled anywhere in the world. Travel Tips for Asia Tour can work as wonders which will surely make your life easier during the Asian country trips.

There are some of the most popular tourist attractions among some of the isolated and scarcely traveled countries in Asia. You can hardly prepare for the whole continent, so focusing on a nation at a time will be your wisest option.

Here is helpful travel tips for every country in Asia that will make your Asia Tour much easier.

  1. Afghanistan
    Afghanistan is known for its volatile and somewhat unpredictable environment for tourists. However, if you have made your mind to visit this surprisingly beautiful nation, the southern region around Kandahar is a great place to visit. Most mindful travel tips for Asia Tour in  Afghanistan is to be up to date with current affairs for your safety.
  2. Armenia
    Armenia is a transcontinental country mixing the best of both European and Asian delights. Make sure to include some historic monuments here in your itinerary to know more about the nation.
  3. Azerbaijan
    Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan is one of the best cities to visit in Asia. You can explore around and save money with free walking tours and camping while you are around.
  4. Bahrain
    Bahrain is the most modern way of witnessing the rich Persian history. While most amazing monuments just pop up to general travelers, try sneaking in some fantastic archeological sites here too.
  5. Bangladesh
    Bangladesh is underrated as a travel destination in south Asia. It has some authentic Indian-subcontinent vibe going around. Take a rickshaw ride to the old cities here many of which are listed in the UNESCO heritage site list to discover several artifacts and architecture.
  6. Bhutan
    Bhutan needs more focus as a fantastic travel and relaxation destination in Asia. In this small nation hidden in the Himalayas, you can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, beautiful nature, and rich culture even on a short tour of the country.
  7. Brunei
    Another Asian country quickly rising in the ranks amongst must-visit countries in Asia, Brunei gives a secluded and luxurious option to travel in Southeast Asia. Just be familiar with the general social customs before heading out here.
  8. Cambodia
    Cambodia is a culturally rich destination in Southeast Asia. Include Angkor Wat in your itinerary but don’t focus your vacation totally here. There are plenty of side trips that are underrated in Cambodia surrounding Angkor.
  9. China
    In China, most of the popular tourist attractions might have more travelers than you might be comfortable with.  The solution is to travel to Tibet. This autonomous region is comparatively less touristic and is perfect for a cultural and natural vacation.
  10. Cyprus
    Cyprus provides an ideal Mediterranean vacation best experienced during spring and summer. You can choose some lesser-known coasts to stay at here and enjoy traveling without a crowd.
  11. Georgia
    Georgia is a balanced nation for travelers enjoying nature exploration and adventure. You can get some amazing deals for a family vacation here and spend the time of your life.
  12. India
    India is known for its culinary vastness. However, you can also discover some unique dishes with local ingredients in the lesser-explored Northeast states here. Our travel tips for Asia Tour in India is make sure to be here during a festival for a complete magical experience.
  13. Indonesia
    Now, no one needs to remind travelers of the amazing destination which is Indonesia. With some of the most known islands and cruises around you can try something new and customize your trip to include some of the rural islands too.
  14. Iran
    When it comes to traveling in Iran, few must-do things might not be stated in all guide books. Sunset at Taboat Bridge, the bazaar of Tabriz, and Kandovan village caves are our top three recommendations.
  15. Iraq
    Iraq doesn’t make it on much of the shortlist while the discussion of Asia vacation is on the table. However, if you go past politics and rumors this is a nation of amazing exploration possibilities. Try including some beautiful natural destinations like Bekhal Waterfall and Kurdistan region in your plan.
  16. Israel
    Isreal is known for its religious and archeological significance in Middle East Asia. You can visit some holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to increase your knowledge here. 
  17. Japan
    Japan is not only about Tokyo and major popular cities. If you want to experience the true beauty of Japan visit the countryside or even the suburbs while you are here.
  18. Jordan
    Jordan has a collection of several unbelievable attractions that is still worth your time. Petra in the deep valley and the interesting beaches of the Dead Sea are guaranteed to impress you here.
  19. Kazakhstan
    When you are in Kazakhstan, you can’t miss the nomadic steppes here. It is one of the most picturesque untouched regions in Asia that will leave a memorable imprint on your vacation.
  20. Kuwait
    Kuwait is there at the top among the most travel-friendly country in the Middle East. You can spend a week or more visiting some of the best shopping malls and museums here. Try some desert sport in Kuwait for a memorable adventure.
  21. Kyrgyzstan
    Kyrgyzstan is like a freshly unlocked level in a video game. It is one of the few countries in the world where both western culture and modernization have made few changes. If you are a landscape photography lover make sure to bring some spare memory sticks and batteries on your tour.
  22. Laos
    Laos has not quite made the headline for Southeast Asia travelers but it has the potential to topple the rankings here soon. Our tip, for now, is to combine your trip here with either Thailand or Singapore as you can make the most of the transit period required.
  23. Lebanon
    Lebanon is not like any other Asian destination being more drawn towards the Mediterranean. Explore more than what is in Beirut like the Qadisha Valley and Sour coast for one brilliant vacation here.
  24. Malaysia
    Malaysia provides a classic Asian vacation with tons of different experiences to fulfill your travel desire. You can plan a budget vacation here as well by selecting moderate accommodation, trying street food, and making use of public transportation.
  25. The Maldives
    The Maldives is the epitome of luxury travel in Asia. The beautiful beaches with sights of the Indian Ocean is an experience like none. However, Maldives has only been known as a proper couple’s destination. We suggest it for both a relaxing solo and family holidays.
  26. Mongolia
    Mongolia is the best adventure destination for those who love to go the extra mile for experiencing something unique and unhindered. There are several amazing places where no foreigners have ever stepped before here in this country. Altai Mountains are our pick of the bunch for travelers in Mongolia.
  27. Myanmar (Burma)
    Soon to be a very popular destination in Asia Myanmar has more than enough attractions to make your vacation fantastic. Our tip here will be to explore some of the lesser-known Pagodas with the popular beautiful ones.
  28. Nepal
    Nepal is known for some of the highest and most beautiful mountains in the world. Our helpful tip here for you is to extend your time here for a week or so to do some cultural exploration and sightseeing. This is missed by many trekking-focused visitors here. 
  29. North Korea
    North Korea is a naturally gifted nation despite the political tyranny which controls it. For the tip now, do not break any law here. No matter the severity of your actions the consequences might be dire.
  30. Oman
    Oman is one of the easiest countries to travel around in Asia. With welcoming travel rules and straightforward itinerary choices. While here try staying in the classic Omani mud hut also known as Misfat Al Abriyeen.
  31. Pakistan
    Pakistan in the past decade has positively changed a lot. Anyone who has been here in the past couple of years can vouch for it. We will suggest you take your time and at least two weeks to properly enjoy the culture, nature, and thrill of Pakistan.
  32. Palestine
    Palestine travel is a unique experience in this period but you can see the first-hand effects of social disturbance here. Our travel tips for Asia Tour to Palestine will be to avoid the conflict regions especially around the border with Israel to be extra safe.
  33. The Philippines
    Philippines is another amazing nation for travelers of different kinds to enjoy a lively holiday. In your tour here try to witness the nightlife and delve into the street foods as you are exploring around.
  34. Qatar
    Qatar has been the center of attraction for luxury travel in this past decade. You can try some exotic experiences like Camel racing, Al Jassasiya Petroglyphs, or climbing down the Musfur Sinkhole while you are here.
  35. Russia
    A holiday in Russia might not be for everyone. But, for those who want to have an adventure in somewhat unpredictable regions, Russia can be a prime destination. Similarly, there are plenty of beautiful places and cultures to explore here in the Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Omsk areas.
  36. Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia is not that uptight for general travelers as it was before. It is quite the contrary with plenty of attractions and experiences opened during the past few decades for the sake of developing tourism. Be a part of this change by experiencing Saudi Arabia during the transition from an oil-driven economy to an entertainment mega-nation here.
  37. Singapore
    Singapore has been the sweetheart vacation country in Asia for many years now. And this country is not holding back while doing its part. There are a bunch of new attractions established each year for unique experiences and one should definitely try those during their vacation in Singapore.
  38. South Korea
    South Korea has been on the top list of the best countries to visit in Asia each year. It is no wonder why if you have been here before. Unlike their Northern counterparts, travelers can witness the beautiful Korean culture, cuisine, and lifestyle with freedom and safety here. As quite an expensive travel destination you can save much while traveling in a group here.
  39. Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is a hidden gem traveled by a few but with boundless possibilities of a great vacation. Family tours are especially amazing here as a country extremely safe and friendly for travelers of all kinds. Interact with the locals while on your Sri Lankan vacation as many love to chat and share experiences with you.
  40. Syria
    Syria is not the country many will suggest for personal travel. Yes, the line might be slim between safe and dangerous here but if you want to have a closer look at a war-torn nation, be here sometimes and that with a planned short itinerary. 
  41. Taiwan
    Taiwan is an amazing place to travel for any purpose. It is like a Chinese experience outside china with plenty of other influences surrounding the island nation.
  42. Tajikistan
    Tajikistan is a beautiful country in Central Asia with some pristine natural attractions for tourists. It is safe and perfect for a budget vacation in Asia. We will however suggest you not include some selected factions near Afghanistan in your itinerary just to be assured.
  43. Thailand
    Thailand is amongst the most visited and known countries for travelers of every type. Known for being exotic and modern, there are still some magnificent regions in rural Thailand that will amaze you. Our suggestions include Sangkhlaburi, Chiang Khan, and Khanon regions. 
  44. Timor-Leste
    Timor-Leste or previously known as East Timor is a country of its own unique culture, arts, and way of doing things. It will be a refreshing experience for anyone trying some new local experiences. Take a local guide and explore some never-seen regions here for a complete adventure.
  45. Turkey
    Turkey is another transcontinental destination but it’s more like a European experience in Asia for travelers. Don’t be too flashy while you are here. Especially so in the mosques and cultural monuments.
  46. Turkmenistan
    Turkmenistan is not the most popular tourist destination in Central Asia but has the potential to amaze you truly. Enjoy the pristine landscape here as well as the rich culture and history here. For a better experience, you can do a multi-country tour based on other nations surrounding Turkmenistan.
  47. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    UAE is the best nation for a luxury vacation in the Middle East. You can enjoy different exotic activities and experiences while here. Be clear about the cultural etiquettes so that you won’t get in trouble for something extreme.
  48. Uzbekistan
    Uzbekistan is the fastest-growing travel destination in Central Asia. Try some of the community foods while you are here for a closer look at Uzbek cuisine. 
  49. Vietnam
    Vietnam has made its name for travelers in this decade as a top nation for adventure, authentic cultural experiences, and natural wonders alike. It is also popular amongst budget travelers. Our tip for anyone here will be to spare few extra days and try exploring the villages and local communities of central V0ietnam. Some of the simplest encounters here will be memorable for different reasons as a traveler. 
  50. Yemen
    Yemen is the last nation on our list and it might as well be the last nation travelers think of for a vacation in Asia. However, if you want to visit this war-torn nation plan every detail and visit only specific areas.

Now with all this information and travel tips be ready to enjoy your lovely Asia Tour. Remember, traveling responsibly with adequate respect to the culture and lifestyle goes without saying in all these nations.