Asia is so majestic that it is difficult to summarize all the fantastic things that this continent hold in a single blog. However, there are some absolute must know from the simplest to the more specific facts about Asia. In the first place, Asia takes the most of the eastern earth. With so many places which receive less attention from global media surprising culture, natural occurrence, or exciting finds are not too far. We will help you with the general and somewhat interesting knowledge and amazing facts about Asia here.

As a traveler to this continent, you can either glide through the surface or dive deep into the core of this. Which lake is so big here that it is stated as a sea? And, how many billionaires live here? You will find all these unique answers reading this article today. Asia From something known and taught from the schools to exceptions relatable to only those living in this continent, here are 18 amazing facts about Asia that will blow your mind. 

1. Asia is the birthplace of all major religions in the World

It might come as a surprise for some of you but Asia is the birthplace of almost all major religions. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam alone constitute 95% of all religious following present today. And even amazing facts is that every one of these was founded in this Spiritual continent Asia. Apart from these, Confucianism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, and Taoism were also founded in different countries of Asia.

2. The biggest continent with most people

Asia is the biggest continent in the world and over 60% of the total population lives here. Surprisingly, there are only four countries from Asia of the top 10 largest areas. However, this continent is made up of 48 countries which results in a massive area. The population status however is straightforward. Also, six of the world’s 10 biggest countries by population lives here. As a matter of fact, India and China alone constitute 35.5 % of the total population in the world.

3. The capital of adventure tourism in the world

Asia is the second most traveled continent in the world after Europe. While the latter is popular for a luxury vacation, Asia is unrivaled for Adventure travel. There are mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, and everything that an adventure-loving traveler seeks for. Paragliding, Trekking, Surfing, Safari, and Rafting are all the top-rated adventure activities that this continent holds. 

4. Asia Pacific has the second most UNESCO world heritage sites

The Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China are two of the seven modern wonders here in Asia. Similarly, Asia/Pacific comes second only to Europe and North America in UNESCO world heritage sites. However, there are several tentative sites to be researched to be added. Asia leads in the most Natural UNESCO Heritage sites in the world. Some notable sites which are known all over the world include Angkor Wat, Kathmandu valley, Prambanan Temple, Itsukushima Shrine, and Forbidden city.

5. Ethnic and cultural diversity of Asia

The another amazing facts of Asia is that it is known for the diversity of its culture which includes the customs and traditions of art, literature, architecture, lifestyle, and philosophy, an ideology that has been experienced and passed down through generations. Unlike the stereotypes almost every nation here has, its unique history and culture. The cultural regions if you want some distinctions are somewhat comparable according to the location of the countries. Meaning you will find a lot of differences between the culture of central, south, southeast, west, and East Asia.

6. Islands of Asia

Asia has the largest area covered by islands among all other continents. It doesn’t specifically mean the most number but the islands of comparatively larger size. Some of the most popular islands here include the island nation of Japan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the biggest island here Borneo. Most other islands are yet inhabited and some even unexplored in Asia.

7. Geographical diversity of Asia

Once again, Asia has it all covered. Being the largest continent also helps here. From the grasslands to the rain forests, glaciers to deserts every kind of landscape for nature-based traveling. The Altai Mountains, Maldives Atoll, Anatolia, Hunza Valley, South China Krast, and Mongolian Steppe are some of the most beautiful geographical wonders in Asia. 

8. Magnificent National Parks in Asia working for environmental conservation 

About Asia’s 16% of the total land area is made up of protected areas. These include national parks, wildlife reserves, conservation areas, wetlands, and more. For travelers aiming one of these will let you explore the untouched beauty of wildlife and nature. Sagarmatha NP, Yala NP, the Sundarbans, and Jiuzhai Valley NP are the most recognized ones here.

9. Asia the home of Exotic cuisine and spices

Asia and spices mostly incorporated with each other. You would not find anything bland here. For food-driven travelers, Asia is the best place that you can be. The Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Indian Cuisine are some of the globally popular ones while multiple regional cuisines are also growing rapidly.

10. Mount Everest the highest point on Earth is in Asia

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the earth is in South Asia between Nepal and China standing at an elevation of 8848.86 meters. The Sherpas of Nepal are famous for their mountaineering skills around the world. Alongside Everest, the Great Himalayan Range here includes all the top ten highest peaks in the world. As a matter of fact, there are 72 peaks in the country of Nepal alone higher than the highest mountain peak outside Asia (Aconcagua 6960.8 m).

11.  12 landlocked countries in Asia

Yes, there are 25 % of the landlocked countries in Asia. Pacific, Arctic, and Indian Ocean alongside the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are the water borders of this continent and these 12 countries don’t touch any of those. The world’s largest landlocked nation, Kazakhstan is in Central Asia.

12. Asia as the continent of festivals

Similarly, with a diverse culture and deep roots in festivals come some of the most amazing festivals in Asia. There are literally thousands of lively festival celebrations that one can be a part of while in Asia. Some of these are traditional and there are multiple modern festivals popular in this continent. Diwali, LoiKrathong, Songkran, Tihar, Holi, and the Chinese New Year are some of the most popular and unique ones here.

13. History of Asia from earliest civilizations 

Asia has a rich and long history starting from the earliest and the most prominent civilizations. The Indus Valley Civilization, Babylonian Empire, and Yellow River Civilization are the most studied of them. Through different ages and eras, this continent has seen a lot of changes. For travelers, Asia is now also popular with some important archeological sites to explore.

14. Mystifying Lakes of Asia

There are some amazingly beautiful and extreme lakes in Asia. The Caspian Sea, the biggest lake in the world shares its border with Asia and Europe. Similarly, Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world. Apart from these Lake Inle, Yamtso, Phewa, Balkhash, and the Dead Sea are some of the most recognized lakes for different properties in Asia.

15. Bizarre but ingenious street foods of Asia

Asia and foods incorporate more than once in this list. It is not only the starred restaurants that hit the ball out of the park. Some of the most tried foods here are street foods. South and Southeast Asia is the most popular destination for street-food lovers however none of the other regions are far behind. Momos, Pau Bhaji, Pad Thai, Pho, and Takoyaki are some of the most recommended street foods in Asia.

16. Most rural and unhabituated regions after Africa

Asia’s only 40% countries are under developed category. Different parts of the developing nations are still rural. Travelers can still go in weeks of the expedition to some of these regions far from modernization.

17. Asia has the highest number of billionaires

Now for few fun points. Asia has 1,150 billionaires from 38 different nations. However, the top 10 richest have only one representative from Asia.

18. About 90% of the world’s rice production is consumed in Asia

Asia produces almost 90% of the world’s rice production and also consumes them. There are over a thousand varieties of rice plantation around the continent.

These are the 18 amazing facts about Asia now you know if you didn’t know before. Asia is much more than you think it is and traveling is the best way to learn. Try being here on your next vacation and let us know what you’ve learned new about Asia.