Asia is a backpacker’s paradise. Travelers might want to be spontaneous in their time here. However, with a bit of preparation, one can enjoy the delights and surprises here. Sometimes making sure of a thing or two helps your vacation a lot. You might be grateful to know a few of these essential tips especially for a perfect vacation to this magical continent Asia.

If you are the kind of traveler wanting everything to be under control Asia might be intimidating. Unlike the western travel destinations, there are some less traveled or even unreached places that you can explore. In these situations, proper preparation relieves you from some of the stress and hassle. For group or family vacation you can divide up these for more effective planning and readiness. Here are 11 essential tips for a perfect vacation in Asia for you.

1. Pack for the destination

Asia being one of the most diverse and stimulating places in the world is not exactly the same. The same day here in some places can reach the sunny heat while others freezing cold all depending on the location. So the point is to pack for a destination rather than packing for Asia. You might have to carry some warm clothes even in summer or vice versa while you are in Asia.

The best solution is to monitor the weather for the time you will be there using forecasts or ask for local help. Try packing lightly too. Sometimes your bag might be full of things that will not even use once throughout your vacation. Filter the contents and enjoy your tour freely. 

2. Finalize your travel tickets

One of the essential tips for a perfect Asia vacation is finalizing the travel tickets. Most people leave getting the tickets to Asia for the last moments. This might result in several problems. Firstly, it is wise to take tickets for anywhere some weeks prior to the visit. This will let you get some refundable options or even postpone easily. Get your tickets early and be done with it.

Next, the availability of flights. While you won’t have much problem flying to the major airports in Asia, some lesser-known or smaller airports will not be very dependable. This is the same reason we suggest travelers leave a couple of days in their itinerary for flight cancellations and delays.

3. Get the travel insurance

Travel Insurance is something integral and necessary for modern traveling. it is very important if you are heading for a luxury vacation to Asia. In case of any unforeseen cases, travel insurance will save you a lot of fortune. It will also make sure you are covered with any accidents, delays, evacuation, or something similar. As safe you will try to be, there is always a possibility of something unplanned happening, and travel insurance can be a lifesaver for you. Before your vacation to Asia get the insurance even if it is a general one. 

4. Recheck your documents

This tip is helpful for traveling anywhere in the world. Studies show every 1 in 10 travelers lose at least one of the necessary document while traveling. This might be before, during, or even in the flight segment of your vacation. Make several copies of your document and place them in secure places. When not required always use a copy of the documents and keep your originals safe. It is also useful to know before what happens when you lose your document and what the process is after that. Before heading to Asia recheck your document and stay assured.

5. Confirm your guides and other members of your vacation with your operator

This step is more of a precaution than a tip. It is best to book your vacation with a reputed operator with some experience. Before heading to any destination you can ask for direct contact with the guides so that you can know them better. Sometimes, a great guide will make your vacation even more meaningful. Similarly, for safety factors as well confirming your team is beneficial.

6. Keep the emergency numbers with you for the countries you’ll visit

Always keep the emergency contact of the country you’ll visit on your phone. It might seem like too much for a brief stay but you never know. These contacts might include police, fire department, and ambulance at least. Remember it is better to act safely than regret later. Sometimes you might need these contacts to help others which is a good way of being a responsible traveler.

Here is the list of emergency numbers for different countries around the world.

7. Talk with someone who has traveled to the countries previously

There are hundreds of forums and online communities out there for traveling in Asia. Check them out read the comments, recommendations, and reviews about the place you are going to visit soon. If you are comfortable ask people who have been there, their honest reviews and tips. Internet doesn’t always have all your answers and doing this will let you know more about your Asian Vacation. 

8. Get a health checkup just before the vacation

This tip is very important both for your health and sometimes the health of the people where you are going to visit. Health checkups might help you to know about your body fitness and the possibility of any illness. You can also ask your physicians about different health precautions for the places you are heading towards in your vacation. A health checkup benefits you even more in case you are looking for a long vacation in Asia.

9. Know the ATM and Credit Card situations

The currency exchange rate and where to do that should be sorted for the country where you are visiting. Similarly, your next priority must be to know the availability of ATMs and will it accept international cards. Most major cities and developed nations in Asia will accept credit cards but not everywhere it is easy.

10. Get the SIM cards for your phones sorted 

One of the most important and sometimes stressful things might be sorting out the SIM cards. You can get them at the airport in most countries. However, sometimes the process might be time-consuming and long. One solution might be to ask for your travel guide to make one available for you for the period you are there.  

11. Know some local languages and phrases

Knowing some of the local phrases helps you to communicate and connect with the locals better. Especially, in Asia, you can have a better experience if you know some local terms. It might be polite and friendly which in return will let you a more engaging vacation.

Here are the local terms for hello and thank you in 10 different Asian countries –

  • i. Mandarin (China, Taiwan, and Singapore):- niHao and xiexie (Pronounced Say-Say)
  • ii. India/Nepal:- Namaste and Dhanyavaad. 
  • iii. Bangladesh:-Hyalo and  Dhanyabad
  • iv. Japan:-Konichiwa and arigato
  • v. Cambodia– Choum reap Sor and Arkun
  • vi. Sri Lanka- Ayubowan and Stutiyi
  • vii. Thailand- Sa-wat-dii and Khaawp-Khun
  • viii. Malaysia-  Selamat Siang and TerimaKasih
  • ix. Myanmar- Min-ga-la-ba and CezuTinbadeh
  • x. Bhutan- Kuzuzangpo la and KadrinChey la

Despite good preparation and essential tips for perfect vacation in Asia, there are few things that could go wrong in your Asian vacation. You can ask our experts in case you need clarification on any of the preparation methods. Enjoy your time here and explore this majestic continent.