Cultural tours in Asia are among the most chosen vacations here due to the diverse cultural delights. Travelers can know the tradition and history within a short period with these tours. However, most do forget that many countries in Asia are still traditional conservative. Sometimes its subtle while in others there might be consequences. The dressing protocol for Asia cultural tour is keep it simple or traditional. It is one of the ways of being culturally appropriate in Asia.

Even in some of these traditional destinations tourists are given freedom in clothing. It might be strict, particularly for others. Simplicity and coherence are the way to go here. In most places, one is not legally obliged to dress in a certain way. However, a line of decency mustn’t be crossed to be treated nice and with courtesies. As we are guests in these countries, it is best to maintain the hierarchy of respect regarding clothing as well. Consult your tour operator beforehand as it is always a wise idea to pack for the place.

Travelers must try changing a few things to respect a country’s code of conduct. It doesn’t always mean you will necessarily agree with these but making some effort will assure a smooth completion of your cultural tour. Here are a few tips and things that you might like to know off for an amazing cultural tour in Asia.

Dressing Protocol for Cultural Tour in Asia 

It might feel unfair for some but most dressing codes here are for female travelers. As modern female fashion can be more revealing, there lies the problem for most Asian countries. If you research some of the traditional dress in Asia, it is designed to cover the maximum part of the body. Even in the hotter regions the material of the clothes changes rather than the size of the dress.

So, a long dress is the first key point. The second part is to try not wearing too tight ones here. Also, use simple choices as holiday apparel in Europe and Asia is totally different. Does it mean it will be difficult to shop for a cultural tour in Asia? Not much to be honest.

Pants and long skirts are very much acceptable in many areas. Try not to wear too much tattered and flamboyantly designed clothes. Towards the upper body, get something with sleeves and not so much revealing. Showing very little or none of the cleavage or leg is the safe way of dressing here. High Heels might not be so much of a problem but they can get a bit uneasy in different road conditions of Asia.

One more thing to remember is that you might feel free to wear anything in modern city areas. You might even see the locals being less traditional here. But it might not be the same in the rural villages and other destinations. Be sure to follow the protocols and not take any chances.

What not to wear on this tour (especially in Public)  

One thing for sure, you can find a long list of what not to wear than what to wear during the cultural tour in Asia. In the hotels or the places you’ll stay, everything is fine while you are indoor. Up your dressing a bit while visiting the nearby places and you will not be frowned upon. Be comfortable and fully covered during your site visits. Especially if you are planning to visit religious or historical places, make sure to be decent and leave nothing that might offend the locals.

Revealing dresses are not your option. If you have to choose a shorter or a long dress, choose the latter. See-through and cut clothing are a big no-no. Even for males you can leave your shorts up to the hotel and wear full clothes while on the tour. This way you can experience the hospitality and local interaction better. Also, it will prevent you from getting unwanted attention here.

There have been many stories of travelers being extracted from religious or cultural places due to their indecency. Something you might find normal wearing might be very uncomfortable and even disrespectful here. Keeping that in mind go simple.

Try the local traditional dresses

Not all negatives come from the dressing protocol in Asia. One of the bright points for you is that you can try traditional dresses as much as you want. It is no surprise that Asia has some of the most beautiful Traditional dresses for you. You can pull off a stunning look with these unique and beautiful clothes. Blend in with the locals here as you try some wonderful clothing. It will be a lovely gesture from your side to appreciate their clothing.

Might it be the Mongolian Deel, Japanese Kimono, or Nepalese DauraSuruwal, travelers can get the complete cultural experience after trying these magnificent dresses. Couples can try these dresses and do a photo shoot for an extra activity of your cultural tour. You might even find your favorite dresses hidden amid this magical continent.

Dress according to the destination in Asia

It is a simple thing in a cultural tour in Asia. Dress according to the place you will visit during the tour. If you are visiting some cultural destination, dress easy. Even if you are an influencer go simple in the dress and photos here. Dress even more conservatively in the religious sites. You will be joined by thousands of local devotees and it is a place to show the utmost respect. Similarly, you can plan your clothing with extra research about your destination. Don’t hesitate to do it before your cultural tour.

In more acceptable countries you can ease up too. Community values certainly change depending on the country. Talk with your guide and discuss the clothing situation. Just don’t go too extreme and you’ll be just fine in most places.

More Dos and Don’ts in a cultural getaway to Asia

Here is something extra to remember for your cultural tour of Asia.


* Take a little sample of the food/drinks if offered to you rather than regarding. You can finish it if you like or simply put it aside then.

– Appreciate local efforts to communicate with you. Remember English is not their main language for most times.

* Try following and accepting the local way of things. Sometimes it is best to follow the lead of your tour guide.

– Be open to new things. You never know the best of things might be something unique and unheard of.

* You might have to open your shoes before entering religious areas. Be prepared for it.


– Directly reject something offered to you. It might be deemed rude as many traditions have a certain way of welcoming visitors.

* Lose temper easily. Keep your patience and always talk to your guide if complications arise.

– Greet the locals in a western way. Every place has different greets. Even hugs and handshakes might not be common. A smile, however, is always appreciated.

* Bring up your camera and take pictures. Always ask and take permission. Locals will be happy to let you take some photos most times.

– Be loud, especially in public places. It will make you stand out unnecessarily and think from their perspective too.

Dressing protocol in Asia isn’t as strict as you think but it is not in the west. Try compromising on your end with some clothing and you can enjoy the full cultural experience in Asia.