Asia is the land of diverse experience. It might be not too far-fetched to say that you are never ready for this beautiful continent. City tours here can take you to places and showcase their true potential. To capture and live the heritage, architecture, beauty, and, culture of a place, city tours are amazing. 

When you are on a vacation in Asia, you can feel the exotic aura around you. The site leaps towards visitors with new discoveries each year. To be able to extract some fantastic delights from a short holiday, Asia can add to your travel escapades. Good packing is always wise before heading towards any destination. Particularly, in Asia, pack smart and make your vacation memorable. Here is a general list of Essential equipment for city tour in Asia.

Essential equipment packing list

* A primary bag and a fanny pack

Your suitcase might be spacious but, it is not easy to bring it everywhere. So, a small carry bag or rucksack will be great for carrying your essential equipment for the day for city tour in Asia.  Similarly, a fanny pack is helpful to give you the freedom of leaving your bag while on site. Small enough to leave your hands free and spacious for your most important stuff, consider a fanny pack for your city tour.

* Foldable Umbrella

A small umbrella will protect you from rain and sun. It is very beneficial, especially during bad weather. You can find convertible and multifunctional umbrellas too serving many purposes. 

* Water Bottle with Life-Straw

City tours mostly don’t have any drinking water problems. However, a water bottle is something you must have all the time. It is very important to hydrate your body regularly anywhere anytime. Similarly, a life-straw helps you to assure the safety of any drinking water (filled or packed) during your tour.

* Face Mask (Dust and germ protection)

Face Masks are more important than ever. Traveling to new places might expose you to new diseases. It is best to keep some with you all the time. Use it when needed as it is better to be safe than sorry.

* Sunglasses and Sunscreen

The pairing of sunglasses and sunscreen is the most obvious for any travel plans. You can’t miss it if you have a sensitive screen. However, sunglasses and sunscreens will serve anyone on the given day. One can enjoy the tour without any worries about sunburn or glare with these with you.

* Guidebook with bonus local phrases

You can get these from Amazon for the major cities in Asia. A guidebook will aid you if you are not booked with a tour operator here. Knowing some local phrases helps you with the tour and the next visit.

Items of Clothing

The clothes you might pack might have to vary depending on the countries you’ll visit. Most essential equipment for city tour in Asia is clothes. Always check the weather projection for smarter planning. It is best to carry something extra but too much can be a burden for you. Also, there are few nations where you might have to dress conservatively. If you want you can also try to dress local and all but here are some basic items of clothing for you to pack.


  • Hats/sports caps – A sun hat or a simple cap will protect you from the sun. Try a simple and comfortable one for you.
  • Scarf for winter- In colder regions a scarf might have multiple purposes. It can keep you warm and be a fashionable choice for you to pull off.
  • Bandanas (for humid days):- We know bandanas are not the most popular things but it will help you in humid cities. Similarly, it will also help you to keep your face clean at different times.

Upper body

  • Few Pairs of t-shirts: Depending on the length of your city tour, you can carry from a few to more t-shirts. Easy to pack and wash you can select enough of these. Similarly, tank tops and other variations will help you to enjoy your city tour better.
  • Lightweight Fleece jacket: These are ideal for everyday use. Make sure not to bring a bulky type. Make sure it goes easily in your bag when unused.
  • Windproof Jacket- Windproof jackets are very much leave able in many places. Many Asian cities more beautiful during winter, a windproof jacket is a must-have for these times.

Lower Body

  • Underwear- Bring some pairs to half a dozen comfy underwear with you.
  • Light trousers- A go anywhere trouser will be good for any city tour in Asia. 
  • Comfy Pants- Go easy and comfortable for pants. Make sure you can walk and drive with it on as well as compatible with some adventure activities.
  • Shorts- Shorts are comfortable for a great summer holiday in Asia. You can always count on these for some relaxed time during your city tour here.

Hand and footwear

  • Gloves/mittens- Gloves are a great addition and can come unbelievably handy during your city tour. Keeping your hands warm you can find a great pair for many occasions.
  • Warmers for winter- Hand and leg warmers are fashionable and warm when required. Especially during the cold winters, woolen warmers are appreciable addition to your clothing.
  • Casual Shoes: Casual shoes are enough for the city tour purposes. Get one comfortable enough for brief walks too as many sites might include those as well.  
  • Flip-flops for leisure stroll- Flip-flops or slippers come in handy during leisure times. You can also use these for the beaches as some majestic cities offer them for you in Asia too.
  • Socks (3 pairs) – You can bring some socks that are comfortable for you.

Extra Clothing

  • Swimsuits- For beaches, hot springs, and more experiences.
  • Nightwear- Pack your regular gowns or Pajamas for a comfortable sleep and rest.
  • Raincoats- An umbrella helps but depending on the places you will visit, a raincoat is very protective and useful.  
  • Tracksuit (Exercise/Yoga/Morning Walk) – Comfortable and action-ready, Tracksuit is for the times other than your city tour.

Additional Essential Equipment packing list

– Toiletries

  • Tissues and wipes
  • Toothbrush and razors
  • Anti-bacterial hand wash/sanitizers
  • Deodorants
  • Floss

– Hammock: Hammock helps you to rest on the go. It enables you to spend some more time in the place of your preference. 

– Sleeping Bag with Liner: It is not necessary but might come in handy in many places. Especially, if you are looking to combine other activities with your city tour in Asia.

– Waterproof Phone/camera Cases: These are convenient for your everyday use too. However, more so when you are traveling to new places.

– Binoculars: Pack a binocular if your tour consists of sightseeing and view-watching activities.

– Travel journal: These are old school but still a great way of tracking down your activities and memories each day.

– Extra set of dry towels: Dry towels are useful for many purposes. So, it is beneficial to have multiple ones with you.

– Travel Pillow for domestic flights: Some domestic flights can be uneasy and it is the truth all around the world. Bring your travel pillow with you if your tour requires you to fly from one city to another here.

– Padlocks: For safety reasons, it is best to have at least a couple of padlocks with you at all times.

Gadgets and Electronics

Gadgets and electronics differ for every traveler. Here are some you want to check during packing which makes your life easier during your city tour.

  • Chargers with proper cords
  • Small Flashlight
  • Power Bank
  • Action Camera
  • Foldable Tripods
  • Headphones
  • Reading light
  • Plug Adapters (Travel adapters)
  • Kindle for your leisure
  • Extra memory cards

Medical Items

For any city tour in Asia, it is not too difficult to find drug stores and hospitals. However, keeping some stuff with you is always better which will help you with navigation and language barriers. Here are some medical things

  • Small first aid box
  • EpiPen- a pair if you are allergic to some common allergens. 
  • Insect Repellant
  • Tampons
  • * Pills and Prescriptions 
  • * Hand-Sanitizer

All these are the general equipment you might consider taking with you for any city tour in Asia. To add or leave out any you can always consult with your guide or tour operator. Plan and pack smart for experiencing some fantastic city tours in Asia.