Why South Asia Travel?

South Asian countries are well-known for their deep cultural roots where they share some similarities but each country has its uniqueness to offer. As a matter of fact, religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, and Islam are some major religions founded in South Asia. Thus, its home to a variety of languages and cultures to explore.

In the first place, South Asia is practically the ideal destination for adventure, culture, and lovers all around the world. Due to the diverse geography and ecosystem it offers everything that one could seek in their journey. Likewise, from the high Himalayas to pristine beaches, the wonders define South Asia perfectly. In addition, the local cuisine, lively festivals, and warm hospitality highlight the magic of this pristine region.

The subcontinent offers, for all travelers and people in pursuit of knowledge, a world that is so unique and diverse yet homogeneous. For this reason, this is a destination that you will want to explore many times. South Asia travels provide you with an insight of the culture, people, practices, and beliefs as well as the region’s scenery and history. Come see for yourself at least one of the South Asia travel.

  1. Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is a small island country in the Indian Ocean. It is known for countless surf-friendly beaches, rich wildlife, and historic ruins with stunning landscapes. You can take part in water sports as well as in activities like visiting a turtle hatchery or an elephant orphanage. Yala National Park is another attraction of this place. 
  2. Maldives
    The Maldives is the smallest island nation. Its spectacular underwater world range of luxury hotels resort, beautiful beaches, and comforting spa makes it the best destination spot. Male, capital of Maldives where you can experience the real culture of Maldives. Moreover, the Friday Mosque is the main attraction of the city.
  3. Kathmandu
    Kathmandu is the national capital of incredible Nepal. It’s a vibrant city packed full of historical shrines and palaces. Valley remains the doorstep to the Himalayas, the residence of the Living Goddess (Kumari) along with historical monasteries. Furthermore, the UNESCO World Heritage lies in the center of the city. Especially, this place offers variety in terms of its nature, art, history, and landscape which makes it different from other destinations.
  4. Delhi
    Delhi, the capital of India, a massive metropolitan city area in the country. The city represents a complete summary from historical monuments, modern metros, and spice markets to crowded shopping malls. Especially, these amazing monuments like Red Fort (Lal Qila), Humayun’s Tomb, Jama Masjid will help you to understand the history linked to Mughals. A place like Rajpath (Kingsway) linked to India Gate along the way of Delhi are some major attractions that you should never miss.
  5. Agra
    Agra is the most visited North Indian city in the world. Traveler’s main attraction in Agra includes UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites such as Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri. Taj Mahal built by the order of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his Queen. Agra Fort is equally worth once you have made around the Taj Mahal. Around some kilometers, you can explore Fatehpur Sikri, one of the large mosques in India.
  6. Sigiriya
    Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress town located in Sri Lanka. This iconic site also known as Lion Rock remains of the ancient Sigiriya Rock Fortress. It consists of a huge gateway shaped like a Lion whereas the place also served as a Buddhist monastery. Numbers of delightful and well-preserved attractions will excite you the most.
  7. Jaipur
    Jaipur is one of the famous tourist destinations in Rajasthan. This place is well-known as “Pink City” means the color of the stone used for the construction of structures. A ‘Golden Triangle”, Jaipur is a must-visit tourist circuit along with Agra and Delhi. Additionally, Jaipur is home to many magnificent palaces, museums, temples, and forts. With a friendly locale known for its Hospitality, Jaipur offers a mind-blowing destination for travelers to explore. 
  8. Pokhara
    Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal. It is a naturally blessed city that remains doorstep for most of the trek in the Annapurna region. The place offers beautiful Phewa Lake, Begnash Lake, caves, waterfalls, museum, temples, and glorious Himalaya’s peak and so on. You can experience the best hospitality from locals as well as great chance to closeup look of preserved culture. 
  9. Colombo
    Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, a busy city with a cosmopolitan culture and tradition. The place has to offer a bend of cultural heritage along with ancient structures with a modern lifestyle. Some famous spots like Galle Face Green, the Beira Lake and Vihara Mahadevi park to spend some quality of time. You can also explore plenty of Buddhist temples like Gangaramaya, the Kelaniya Raj Mahal Vihara.
  10. Bhutan
    The “Land of the Thunder Dragon” Bhutan lies in the mountainous regions of Eastern Himalayas. One of the cleanest countries in entire South Asia.  You will love Buddhist spirituality that reflected in the friendly local hospitality. The highlight of this place is the hike to the stunning Taktsang Monastery where tourists visit frequently, Himalayan trek, fortresses, and abundant wildlife.
  11. Varanasi
    Varanasi is well-known as Kashi (City of Life) and Banaras, India. One of the holiest places in Hinduism lies along the western banks of the Ganges. People all around the world come to the Ganges to wash away sins in the sacred water. You can also witness many temples at almost every turn in the city where Vishwanath Temple is the most popular and oldest temple. The major attraction is the Ramnagar Fort which houses a museum built around 1750 A.D.
  12. Kandy
    Kandy is a famous Sri Lankan city that has both historical as well as religious importance. The city has all remarkable museums and world heritage sites to make your trip more special. The major attraction of the place is The Temple of the Tooth which kept Buddha’s Tooth.  That’s all reflects the place that carries the history of Buddhism will impress you along the journey.
  13. Goa
    One of the small states of India, Goa is known for brilliant Arabian Sea beaches, beautiful sites with magical vibes. Along with beaches, Goa has stunning waterfalls, rivers, lakes, cliffs and many undiscovered places. You will get to visit European style churches like Se Cathedral in Old Goa. Apart from exploration, Goa has the best nightlife in the country and you will enjoy the moments.
  14. Udaipur
    Udaipur, a state of Rajasthan well-known as the City of Lakes. A charismatic place carried on the charm of its culture, traditions, lavish palaces, temples and its lakes. Including Lake Palace, a famous palace in Rajasthan covers a small island in the Pichola Lake. You can also find out luxurious hotel with amazing hospitality. Trip to Udaipur will be another adventurous journey. 
  15. Jodhpur
    Jodhpur is one of the major cities of Rajasthan, India. It’s known by many subtitles like “The Blue City”, “Sun City” and “Gateway to Thar”. Being a place of historic shrines, a palace of Grand Palaces and magnificent cliff top fort, Jodhpur is one of the famous tourism destinations in India. 
  16. Galle
    Galle, a Sri Lankan coastal city situated along the southwestern coast. The place is famous for Galle Fort, listed in World Heritage Site. Galle Clock Tower, Dutch Reformed Church, and Galle Lighthouse are some additional highlights of the place. The place also offers wildlife adventure, a museum to explore and fascinating insights into the history of the country.
  17. Manali
    Manali is one of the famous hill stations of India, the state of Himachal. The place is full of awe-inspiring scenery, lush forest, snow-capped peaks, and amazing blue streams. The hot water spring is also one of the attractions of Manali. Moreover, the place is divided into Old and New Manali, both places are equally beautiful though backpackers prefer to visit Old Manali comparatively.
  18. Jaisalmer
    Jaisalmer is one of the famous tourist destinations located in the state of Rajasthan. City well-known as “Golden City” of India because of the yellow sand and stone used in every architecture of the city. You can visit the Sand Dunes of the desert, Gadi Sagar Lake, and Golden Fort. While exploring Jaisalmer, you should never miss the Camel safari. 
  19. Annapurna
    Mt. Annapurna is one of the highest peaks in the world lying in the northern central region of Nepal. There are four Annapurna’s in the massif and the entire area is protected as Annapurna Conservation Area. This area is a home for several world class-trek.  People came across the world for the hike and to explore the majestic mountains and nature significantly.
  20. Munnar
    Munnar is an irresistibly fascinating hill station located in the state of Kerala, India.  The beauty of this place cannot be portrayed in a single canvas. The city offers a large tea town in Idukki. The Eravikulam National Park, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Tea plantation are some amazing spots that should not be a miss to visit.
  21. Ranthambore National Park
    Ranthambore National Park is one of the renowned national parks in Northern India. The Park is mostly popular for its significant Bengal tigers among the wildlife lovers particularly. Along the park, there exist some wonderful places like Ranthambore Fort, JogiMahal, and beautiful PadamTalao Lake.
  22. Nuwara Eliya
    Nuwara Eliya is a hill station in Sri Lanka, one of the major tea production areas in the world. A place blessed with awe-inspiring views of valleys, mountains, and greenery. This gorgeous city is overlooked by the tallest Mt. Pidurutalagala in Sri Lanka. Along the trip, the city is near Hakgala Botanical Garden, the Seetha Amman Temple and Galway’s Land National are some major attractions of the city.
  23. Shimla
    Shimla, a majestic capital of Himachal Pradesh, India. The enigmatic glory of the Himalayas, evergreen forests and pleasant climates will impress you the most. Along with the enchanting beauty of the region, the place also offers colonial architecture of the city, grand shopping malls, and the delicious street foods.
  24. Darjeeling
    Darjeeling, an amazing hill stations in the Eastern Part of India. The place hosts an eye-catching valley, lush greenery, Himalayans, streams, monasteries, and churches. In addition, you can also witness the toy train (World Heritage site) which still runs in this region. The cultural diversity and local foods of this place will never fail to impress you.
  25. Khajuraho
    Khajuraho, a World Heritage Site located in Madhya Pradesh. The place is famous for its erotic sculpture, stone carving with its beautiful temples. In fact, such art and sculpture not only adore the temple but also reflect the culture, religion, and history of the region. Apart from it, Jungle safari in Panna National Park.
  26. Dharamshala
    Dharamshala, a famous hill city in Himachal Pradesh, India. This place is also known for the holy residence of the Dalai Lama, a famed Tibetan monk. Being central to Tibetan, Dharmashala is considered the best place to explore Tibetan and Buddhist culture for this reason.
  27. Fatehpur Sikri
    Fatehpur is also known as “City of Victory” located in Uttar Pradesh, India. The city is famous for Mughals culture, sculpture and historical monuments built of red sandstone. Also, you can explore some interesting UNESCO World Heritages sites from Jama Masjid Mosque to SalimChishti Tomb.
  28. Negombo
    Negombo is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka which is a major trading port. Specifically, it is known for its long sandy beaches, refreshing blue waters, Dutch forts, Hamilton Canal and St. Mary’s Church. This place can be bliss for food lovers because of various seafood and items.
  29. Polonnaruwa
    Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka is considered as one of the best planned Archeological relic sites. The place recognized as a world heritage site that reflects its own story of the rise and sudden abandonment. Besides this, the eternal city has amazing landscapes, Buddhists monasteries, National parks and many more to offer its visitors.
  30. Anuradhapura
    The holy city of Anuradhapura is an ancient capital of Sri Lanka. A historic paradise has its several monasteries, palaces and monuments, and archaeological ruins. The place is famous for the well-preserved ruins of an ancient Sinhala civilization which will definitely be a worthy place to explore.
  31. Thimphu
    Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan which draws your attention with its impressive architectural design and colorful cities. The place has several attractions such as TashichhoDzong, Huge Buddha stupa, National Memorial Chorten, weekend farmer’s market and so on. Thus, Thimphu will never fail to impress its visitors.
  32. Yala National Park
    Yala National Park, a Sri Lankan national park that provides a great opportunity to witness a broad variety of Sri Lanka wildlife. The park attracts a lot of tourists due to its huge density of leopards, deers, sloth bears, crocodiles, and many others surely. Apart from it, you can also witness ancients Sihulapawwa Buddhist sites around the region. 
  33. Pushkar
    Pushkar, a state of Rajasthan, India which is one of the holiest places in India. It consists of one of the important Hindu temples known as Brahma Temple. Thus, the place is well-known for “City of Temples”. It’s a religious destination that has much more to offer for its visitors.
  34. Paro
    Paro, a small town in Paro Valley, Bhutan. A historic valley has its historical sites that carry its importance and values. Similarly, sites like Taktsang monastery, National Museum of Bhutan and Drukgyel Dzong fortress are some attraction which will worth visiting.
  35. Chitwan National Park
    Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal. The UNESCO’s World Heritage sites protect the large area in Terai, wildlife, and nature. During wildlife safari, you will have an excellent chance to see some rear one-horn rhinos, Bengal tiger, and elephants and so on. Park not only conserve nature and wildlife; but it also attracts lots of tourists with its beauty.

Altogether, South Asia travel is one of the best choices for all travel enthusiast around the world which offers something to everybody.