Updated 08/12/2022

Asia is the continent where the bliss culture and nature combine impeccably. Hence, this magical land has something to provide the ideal vacation for every traveler around the world. From the heights of the Himalayas to the wide beaches of the Indian Ocean, adventure during traveling Asia is in every next corner here. From luxurious avenues to off-the-beaten paths, the diversity of preference offered here is unrivaled with other continents comparatively. Travel to Asia to experience abundant diverse cultural and natural wonders that fit all age groups of travelers around the world.

Being in Asia means accepting the hospitality and love that the locals have here for any visitors. Especially, the connection is instant and travelers can have a feeling of belongingness from their very first step here. With the promise to deliver every time to every destination, let’s know more about this magnificent continent. 

Here Everest Vacation points out 12 absolute reasons to travel to Asia for your next vacation: –

1. Fantastic Destinations

The first thing that every person knows about Asia is that it’s Big. How big you say? In fact, it’s the biggest continent in the world. Enough of the geography, Asia is not only vast but abundant with some of the best destinations any traveler can set foot on. In addition, these destinations are most easily accessible from any major city on the continent. If you look at the top destinations of 2023 to travel post Covid here are the top five destinations to visit in Asia handpicked by our experts in Everest vacation:-

i. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the top must-visit destinations in the world. Hidden in the Himalayas, between India and China, Bhutan is the only proven carbon-negative nation in the world. Additionally, the art, culture, and tradition are unchanged throughout the year courtesy to the Bhutanese citizen. Bhutan is gifted by nature and its real beauty is simply incomparable. Learn more here about the best trips in Bhutan.

ii. Nepal

Nepal is one of the most gifted places in Asia. In a small area, this magnificent Himalayan nation boasts diverse geography and ecosystem. With a proper guide, you can learn a lot about the history and art of the monuments here. Home to eight of the top ten highest mountains in the World, Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. Furthermore, Nepal is a hub for adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, white water rafting and many more. Nepal in itself is a whole package if you want to taste a piece of Asia on a single tour.

iii. Myanmar

Myanmar or Burma is a destination of the highest potential where you never know which delight lies in the next corner for you. The land of thousand Pagoda is a slice of history and Buddhism in Asia. The hot air balloon rides and boating excursions in different places of Myanmar are proven to satisfy your travel bug. Similarly, for those wilderness seekers, there are many hill tribal villages to stay in the homestays and mingle with nature.

iv. India

India speaks for itself. The Land of spices is a cultural journey to live and relish for a long time to come. As one of the biggest countries in Asia, you can have different experiences in a single tour. The streets are vibrant and each corner has a story to share with you here. The plains, jungles, mountains, and beaches of India are some of many things India has to offer for travel-loving individuals around the world. 

v. Thailand

Thailand is the travelers’ capital in Asia. This paradise nation in Southeast Asia has been a complete destination for any holiday seekers throughout the decade. For budget travel, Thailand is proven to be of the top value. The street foods are exquisite and you can get the first-hand experience of many new things here. Sunbathing in the beaches or partying with the locals, Thailand is where one must be if you come to Asia.

2. People 

Asians are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. These people value their tradition and you can expect a lot from spending some time with them. Modernization and culture are equally important and have balanced all along here resulting in a perfect travel destination with all the amenities.

Moreover, Asia is a continent with so much mystery and diversity that offers everyone something. Spending some time with the locals you can learn a lot about the legends, history, and stories here. Travel to Asia with your family and be a part of their art of living.

3. Adventure-packed

One thing that is assured of your travel to Asia is that every day is a new adventure to witness. Here are the top five picks from our expertise as the best adventure activities to be involved in Asia:-

  • i. White River rafting
  • ii. Trekking
  • iii. Bungee Swing/Jumping
  • iv. Paragliding
  • v. Scuba/Free Diving

Fell the rush of adrenaline with some of the unique and thrilling adventures in Asia

4. Nature

The geography of Asia is diverse gifting it together with some of the best shades of Nature one can explore. these places are proven to treat some of the most picturesque settings you can enjoy. Being here one can connect and embrace nature more. Most of these are majestic in photographs. Being there and experiencing it with your own eyes will show you the true beauty of Nature. Here are our picks for the top five natural destinations you have to be in Asia.

  • Everest and the Gokyo Valley
  • Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines
  • Ban Gioc, China, Vietnam
  • Paro Valley, Bhutan
  • Inle Lake, Myanmar

5. Picturesque Locations

If you are just an admirer of a great photo or a professional photographer Asia has a buttload of picturesque destinations. In addition, an expert tip is to bring a lot of Memory cards as you’ll need some extras here. From the pristine lakes to the streets overlooking the monuments, you’re in for a treat. Be ready for an Instagram overflow of magnificent pictures to share from your journey in Asia. Here are our best picks for taking amazing pictures in Asia:-

  • The Taj Mahal, India
  • Kalapatthar, Everest, Nepal
  • U Bein Bridge, Myanmar
  • Phewa Lake during Sunset, Pokhara, Nepal
  • Hot air balloons in Bagan, Myanmar
  • Streets and Mosques of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Yulong River, China
  • Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan
  • Upper Mustang, Nepal
  • Vientiane, Laos
  • Itsukushima, Japan

And so many more, you will bring back wonderful memories captured in the pictures in Asia.

6. Mouthwatering cuisine

Oh, where do I even start? The foods of Asia speak for themselves. From the grand dining halls of the star hotels to the traditional inns and shops even to the small stands in the streets, each dish is unique and delicious. With this in mind, be prepared to gain some weight as food is what you will come for again and again on this wonderful continent. Notably, from spicy Indian and Chinese Cuisine to the mellow taste of Japanese snacks, Asia is a trophy for food lovers around the world.

Here are our top suggestions to try while you are in Asia:-

  • Sushi in Japan
  • DimSum in China 
  • Schezwan Chicken, China
  • RajasthaniThali, India
  • Momos, Nepal
  • Pork Belly Korean BBQ, Korea
  • Egg tarts, Hong Kong
  • Chicken Rotisserie, Philipines
  • Stick potatoes, Burma
  • Ramen, Japan
  • NasiLemak, Malaysia

And the list goes on. Therefore, if you love to treat your heart and soul to these wonderful delicacies be in Asia.

7. Wildlife and Ecosystem

Asia has a rich and diverse Ecosystem with almost a quarter of the total area listed as a protected region. You can do multiple safaris of different types and get to know all there better. The rare species and encountering opportunities of these majestic beings are what one can expect in Asia. Provided that, wildlife photographers, be ready with your lenses as the adventure starts here.

Here are our top five destinations to experience the wildlife and ecosystem in Asia:-

  • Yala national park, Sri Lanka 
  • Dujiangyan Panda Valley, Chengdu China
  • Chitawan National Park, Nepal
  • The Sundarbans, Bangladesh
  • Wangchuck Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhutan

8. Unique experiences

Asia above all has tons of new experiences you can have. Some you will have planned and some come unexpectedly to your surprise. Each of them will give you stories to share and relish throughout your life. Some are once-in-a-lifetime moments while others will make you return to that place again. With a well-informed and experienced guide, you will have a great time in Asia abundant with amazing things and memories.

Here are some experiences to consider during your time here: –

  • Walking in the centuries-old pagodas of Bagan
  • Orangutan spotting in Borneo
  • Pandas from close in China
  • Mysteries of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • Watching the first rays of Sunrise from Japan
  • Diving in the reefs of Raja Ampat in Indonesia
  • Taking a helicopter tour of Mt. Everest
  • Sharing the local homestays in Bhutan
  • Seeking the meaning of Life in the Monasteries of Tibet

9. Festivals

Festivals are the best times to be in Asia. The whole region comes as one showing the unity of the locals here. The celebrations are no small too with each person sharing the glee and following the traditions. Be it the religious or special occasions, food accompany with the festivals. Join the locals as you are more than welcomed to be a part of the festival and family in Asia.    

Here are the most delightful and significant festivals to be a part of in Asia:-

  • Chinese New Year
  • Diwali, India
  • Holi (the festival of colors), Nepal and India
  • Dashain, Nepal
  • Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo
  • Dragon Boat Festival (China)
  • Winter Light Festival (Japan)
  • Tshechu Festival, Bhutan
  • Songkran, Thailand
  • Thaipusam, Malaysia

10. Hospitality

Asian hospitality is the real deal, and you will have a treat of it anywhere you go here. Formal or informal, the guests are given top priority in Asia. In other words, the locals are friendly and most people genuinely love to host visitors in their country. It doesn’t matter where you are from you are always welcome in Asia. In short, the food, music, and culture come all along and travelers can have a slice of tradition in a single go.

11. Budget-Friendly (Backpackers Paradise)

Surprisingly, Asia is best for low-budget travel. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a luxurious visit as there are many destinations to live in like a king/queen. Especially, for those who love to ride the train of life heading from one place to another, Asia is the one where all is possible. As a matter of fact, in most countries, one can travel with less than USD 15 daily expenditure which is a great deal. That is to say, don’t let your purse make decisions for your travel. Therefore, feel free and head towards Asia.

12. Shangri La on Earth

Asia is a part of Shangri la on Earth. Throughout the continent, you can explore some of the most beautiful regions and meet the best people in your life. Describing it all in a blog is almost impossible, as Asia has some new and unique things to offer every day. In addition, every season here discloses a unique time to visit and grab a sight of the beauty it beholds.

To sum up, Asia is so known yet so much more for the world to discover in this magical and rich continent. Travel to Asia to witness the beautiful blend of culture and modernization in your time here.