Ecotourism is the way to go in 2020, and amid the Coronavirus pandemic, a vacation closer to nature is delightful. Most of us are either working from home or stuck due to this pandemic. Selecting a destination for a break is important and one alongside nature will bring the balance. Leaving the roads wander in the trails of nature in Asia. Asia is naturally abundant. The travel to nature-based Asian destinations post Covid-19 will surely provide relaxation and joy.

The best way to cultivate an unfeigned connection with nature is to be involved in it. Explore the endless sensation of a carefree life in the majestic natural marvels of Asia. Grabbing the vines of adventure, enjoy the cruise of nature here. Take some time out for self-care, as Asia prepares you for a time of your life. With the songs of birds, views of landscape, fresh breeze, magnificent wildlife, and undisturbed way of coordination, a nature-based vacation is one to welcome this time.

As the biggest continent of the world, Asia is gifted with diverse geographical components. There is no limit to the breathtaking sites to embrace nature and feel alive here in Asia. Exploring the great outdoors and seeking the unseen, nature has thrill unrivaled by others. Disconnecting with the online world, step out of the concrete world, and avail yourself of these natural wonders. Here, we have 10 so0thing nature-based destinations awaiting your visit after COVID-19.

1. Komodo National park, Indonesia

Komodo National is still among the most underrated destinations in Asia. This national park is home to the last remaining species of Komodo Dragons. These beautiful large lizards are the only reminiscent of the dinosaurs that once inhabited the large extent of land on earth. The unique mountains, pristine beaches, and mysterious cave systems are some of the major geographical attractions of these islands. From diving to short hikes and different exploration trips, one can easily spend a few days here in your Indonesian tour. 

Prior to 2015, you could only be in these islands through boats. With the recent addition of the Airport, this National Park is accessible by a one hour flight from Bali. Among the five major islands making the Komodo national park, take some time to hike up the Padar Island. The views are majestic from the hills of Padar. Spend some time with the local residents i.e., the Komodo Dragons for a unique experience here. Komodo National Park is among the must-visit places that you have to add to your bucket list.

2. Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Chitwan National Park is among the best jungle safari parks in Asia. Located in the Terai plains of Nepal, Chitwan NP is suggested by many for a natural and cultural experience in the lap of Himalayas. A short flight will take you the entrance of the park and you can stay in its premise close to nature. You can head out for a safari with chances to spot rare Royal Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhinoceros. Apart from these, the park is home to numerous birds, reptile, and mammal species. Canoeing in the river, bathing with the elephants, and visiting different hatchery and breeding centers are also some activities at Chitwan National Park.

The safari here which you can take with a jeep or on an elephant is one to remember. Apart from these you can take tours and know more about the tribal villages of Tharu people around the National park. Many people also love to spend some relaxing time hereafter trekking in the mountains of Nepal. Overall, your time here will be fantastic, so make sure to include Chitwan in your Nepal tour.

3. Natural Forest Park of Zhangjiajie, China

The Natural Forest Park of Zhangjiajie looks like a beautiful piece from some fantasy. You might remember some of the places from the Avatar movies from the scenes of floating mountains. These majestic forests and other amazing wonders of nature are some of the few reasons that hundreds of thousands of people visit the Natural Forest Park of Zhangjiajie. For photographers and scenery lovers Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, and Gold Whip Stream are some places you must see here.

The best part about a visit to the Natural Forest Park of Zhangjiajie is that you can customize your itinerary that fits your time. From multiple starting points, you can hike around the forest and explore the major attractions. In good weather, you can have some of the best hiking/cycling forest trails here in Zhangjiajie.

4. Mt. Kelimutu, Indonesia

Mount Kelimutu is the best-known for housing three beautiful crater lakes of different colors within it. Visitors here and locals here have said the colors of these lakes changes slightly in different time of the day.

Hiking from the base you can have a peaceful time and great views all around. Once to the top, you will have magnificent views of the Tieu NuwaMuri Koo (Tosca green), Tiwu Ata Mbupu (blackish blue), and the Tiwu Ata Polo (brownish-black) Lakes. Although the Internet has some beautiful pictures of Kelimutu lakes, for the best views of this place.

Mt.kelimutu might be better with other different destinations that you can combine from the East Nusa Tenggara. Starting from the beautiful village of Mori, start your hike to the lakes early for the magical sunrise view from Mt.Kelimutu surroundings.

5. Paro Valley, Bhutan

Bhutan is a nation of natural wonders and attractions and Paro valley is a gem for natural and cultural travelers alike. From the confluence of the Wang Chh and ParoChhu rivers, all the way to the Mt. Jomolhari in the north this valley welcomes you from the very minute you land in Bhutan. One major trail leads you to the beautiful Taktsang Monastery which acts as an amphitheater for the extensive view of Paro and beyond.

Entering Paro you will have a different feeling of reaching your home. With plenty of side destinations and wonderful viewpoints available here, every Bhutan tour starts and completes at this beautiful valley. As a carbon-negative country soon to be completely Organic, Paro is an ideal destination to be at after the COVID pandemic.

6. Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Yala national park is one of the most visited natural destinations in Sri Lanka and it is for good reason. The wildlife and flora found here are diverse and the park also has the highest density of leopards anywhere in the world. With both single and multiple day’s packages to explore and enjoy the park, every part of safari here is special. The grand view of the Indian Ocean is perfect during the sunrise/sunset for visitors to enjoy.

Yala National park also has some spiritual destination to be and clear up your mind like Sithulpauwwa and MagulMahaVihara. With the long beaches, you can take a quiet walk ad to enjoy the marine ecosystem at the same time. There are major hotspots for spotting different wildlife, where you can be and enjoy the major extent of your visit. With major legends and conservation efforts, Yala National park is a natural pearl of Sri Lanka for any travelers around the world. 

7. Yamdrok Lake, Tibet 

Yamdrok Lake is one of the holiest lakes in Tibet. Far from the major cities in the base of mountains is this pristine blue lake. A walk around here will treat you with some magical landscape views. In clear weather, the reflection of hills and mountains is amazing in the lake. With some hiking options and different exploration trails around you can get a taste of the Tibetan lifestyle here.

With the beautiful natural view, YamdrokTsho also gives you a spiritual getaway in Tibet. Reachable within a moderate drive from Lhasa, this lake is a perfect destination to divert from your Lhasa tour. The way to YamdrokLake is beautiful in its own rights as well. Some other high passes and amazing side destinations to hike completes a tour here. Add Yamdrok Lake excursion as it is worth it, during your Tibetan tour.

8.  The Sundarbans, Bangladesh

The Sundarbans are some of the most beautiful forests in the Indian Subcontinent. Dominated by tangling mangrove forests, this delta region lies in the low-lying islands of Bay of Bengal. With four major protection areas covering the Sundarbans, you can visit the regions with a local guide. You can walk in some of the regions and visit the local village to know their natural art of living. Wildlife tours with a knowledgeable guide will take you deep into the wilderness with opportunities to spot beautiful animals and vegetation.

The whole region of Sundarbans is also listed as the natural UNESCO world heritage site list. Sundarban also has the highest density of Royal Bengal Tiger in the world. Once a very rare species conservation works have helped a lot in their recovery in numbers. Explore one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in Asia, during your next Bangladesh Vacation.

9. Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar. However, it lies in the rural half of Kalaw and is one of the most suggested natural destinations in Myanmar.  A canoe ride or small boat will let you explore the massive extent of this beautiful lake. Explore the floating villages and markets in this lake. On the other side, you can enjoy multiple-day treks to the mountains of Shan State. Jungle walks to the tribal villages are also recommended if you are interested in an authentic slice of Myanmar.

As the land of Pagodas, you will stumble upon some beautiful ones during your exploration. As only opened to tourists before few years you can even make an expedition where no foreigners have never been before here around the Inle region. End your days with a sublime sunset view from InleLake during your vacation in Myanmar.

10. Koh Kong, Cambodia

Cambodia is the capital of ecotourism in Asia and Koh Kong stands at the top here. With regionally-sourced materials and carbon-free practices, one can be close to nature in a tour here. Unlike any other places, Koh Kong is complete with natural destinations, accommodations, as well as other activities closer to nature. You can walk in the jungle trails or go scuba diving to end the day.

Fishing lovers love to visit Koh Kong as you can hire a local boat and head out to the rivers. Most of these waters are under fished so you can enjoy some beautiful catches on your hook. Explore the PeamKrasaop Wildlife & Mangrove Sanctuary and try some organic Cambodian cuisine here. Koh Kong is the best vacation with a complete ecotourism experience in Asia.

Apart from these, there are other majestic natural destinations that you can visit in Asia. Halong Bay in Vietnam will give you some amazing views of rock formations over the sea. Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal takes you to the Base of Mt.Everest. Being in the picturesque Chocolate Hills of the Philippines is amazing. Wander into the wide emptiness of Gobi Desert, in Mongolia. Find a piece of nature’s art in theThiLo Su waterfalls of Thailand. Rest your soul and just relax in the Al-Hasa Oasis of Saudi Arabia and many more.

Traveling in Nature helps you to reorganize yourself after this pause due to this pandemic. Asia being the true wonder for nature-lovers have something for every one of you.