Asia is home to over 500 small and big national parks. Due to the diverse geography and ecosystem, each one is different. These National parks represent the Nature, wildlife, vegetation, and culture of a place beautifully. It benefits the conservation of Nature and also helps in local tourism sectors. Although some parks are strict in permits and even restricted, most of these are open for travelers from all around the world.

National Parks in Asia are Beautiful. There is no second opinion on that. Travelers can enjoy a different side of a nation by visiting these places. With a well-informed guide, you can not only enjoy your vacation but also learn a lot of things. The connection that one can make changes your way of travel for good. You can take a walk or a safari of some kind and appreciate these parks thoroughly. National Parks have a special way of making your travel amazing. Here, we have selected 14 Majestic National Parks that you can visit in Asia. 

1. Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Yala is the most visited National Park in Sri Lanka. This is due to the rich natural and cultural components of this park. It borders much of the southeastern coast of the Indian Ocean. As the second-biggest NP in the country, Yala hosts a much different variety of ecosystems. The birds and mammals are the most common sightings you’ll have in the park. Among these, the Leopards and Asian Elephants of Yala are the Main appeals for visitors. You can explore two of the five blocks with a local guide here.

Major Attractions:

  • Major Bird-Watching destination with over 215 species 
  • Highest concentration of Leopard in the world. Encountering these fantastic wild cats in their natural habitat is beautiful.
  • Pristine beaches ideal for sunset walks
  • MagulMahaViharaya, an Ancient Buddhist Temple which is also an important archeological site.
  • Different from other historical temples and monuments.  Many of which have been part of different civilizations over the world.

2. Chitwan National Park, Nepal

In a country known for its high mountains, Chitwan National Park showcases Nepal’s diverse geography and ecosystem. ChitwanNp lies in the central terai lowlands of Nepal. Listed as the Unesco World Heritage site, this NP is home to different diverse species. Also, the local village tours will showcase the culture and lifestyle of the people in the Terai region here. The jungle safari of Chitwan National Park has been voted as one of the best safaris in Asia. One can also enjoy a luxury holiday in some of the exquisite hotels surrounding the National park.

Major Attractions: 

  • Elephant Safari in the heart of the National Park is a must-do for all.
  • Tharu culture and cuisine of the ethnic locals in and around the National park.
  • Elephant breeding center and reptile hatchery here will introduce you to different conservation efforts.
  • Canoe ride in the river system with opportunities to encounter birds and reptiles. 
  • Bengal Tiger and One-horned rhinoceros are the rare animals that one can spot in the park.

3. Sundarban National Park, India-Bangladesh 

Sundarban is a national park and biosphere reserve. It has recently also been a tiger reserve. The Sundarbans is a legendary place with the highest density of Bengal Tigers. In different areas, people live near the jungles and encounter these beasts very often. Besides the Ganges, the lush forest is a perfect habitat for different exotic species of animals and birds. The mangrove forest of the coastal areas is beautiful to look at from a boat ride. 

Major attractions

  • Morning boat excursion in the narrow canals for wildlife spottings.
  • Panoramic view of the forest from one of the many viewpoints constructed for visitors.
  • Walks in the scenic Jamtola beach is magical.
  • Spending night in the houseboats with the tranquilizing nature experiences.
  • River dolphins, saltwater crocodiles, and other spottings in the Ganges

4. Jiuzhai Valley National Park, China

Jiuzhai Valley National Park is a popular tourist destination in Southwestern China. On the edge of the Tibetan Plateau and Min Mountains, this park is famous for the nine villages (three valleys) in it. Jiuzhai is a paradise for photographers. With so many amazing natural destinations the picturesque factors of Jiuzhai valley national park are sublime. The tours in Rize, Zechwa, and Shuzehang valleys will blow your mind. It shields you from the hustle of the cities here and shows you the true beauty of China.

Major Attractions

  • 5 beautiful waterfalls and 114 lakes to visit at the reserve.
  • Rize Valley, visiting the natural habitat of the adorable Giant Pandas. 
  • Dining in nature at beautiful locations inside the Jiuzhai Valley National park.
  • Small hiking peaks perfect for some short family treks.
  • Zechawa Valley exploration with a fantastic view of Long Lake.  

5. Jigme Dorji National Park, Bhutan 

JigmeDorji National Park is in some way the complete Bhutanese experience. It is the largest protected area in Bhutan enclosing the major places for travelers here.  From the eastern tip of the Himalayas to the plains grasslands, the broad variety of elevation is amazing. With so many sites of Natural, Cultural, and economic significance, this national park is a must be for any vacation in Bhutan.

Major attractions

  • Fantastic trekking trails in the rural areas of the Park.
  • Different national landmarks and high mountains of Bhutan.  
  • Rare and charismatic animal species like Snow leopard, Takin, Red Panda, and more.
  • Numerous beautiful flowers spectacular for watchers. The national flower blue poppy and rhododendron are unmissable.
  • Breathtaking landscape and sceneries throughout the Park.

6. Fuji Hakone National Park, Japan 

Mount Fuji is one of the most beautiful peaks in the world. Fuji-Hakone National Park is perfect for a family vacation in Asia. It has different regions packed with some unique delights. Famous for the volcanic belts it extends to the Pacific Ocean, enclosing the Izu islands. A visit to this national park will enable you to explore both popular and unknown locations here. The sunrise view from Fuji is the top activity for travelers in Japan.  

Major Attractions

  • Mount Fuji hike with fantastic views from the summit.
  • Outdoor Museums showcasing natural, historical, and archeological delights of the Hakone region.
  • Odawara Traditional Samurai Castle
  • Hot springs to relax.
  • The Fuji Five Lakes in the base of the peak formed by previous eruptions of Mount Fuji.

7. Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

Ang Thong National Park covers an area of 102 sq. km with 42 islands. This archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand sees more visitors than any natural destination in the country. With only a single nomadic village KoWua Ta Lap, most other islands here are uninhabited. Although the islands are only sparsely populated by animals the marine ecosystem is one to explore. Ang Thong has been the favorite for many backpackers traveling to Thailand. Now you can select a wide range of packages to choose from here.

Major attractions

  • Marine ecosystem tour with rich diverse reefs to explore.
  • Different activities like Kiteboarding, Diving, Snorkelling, and Kayaking. 
  • Fantastic beaches to walk and enjoy the views.
  • Hidden caves that you can explore on foot or with kayaks
  • Limestone forest and small mangrove forests increasing the appeal of the beaches here.

8. Bokor National Park, Cambodia

Bokor National Park is a designated ASEAN heritage park in Southern Cambodia. The dense rainforests of Bokor display a diverse array of wildlife.

Major Attractions

  • Diverse wildlife and vegetation with most of the Southeast Asian species.
  • Fantastic views of the Cardamom Mountains. 
  • Beautiful Popovil Waterfall documented in popular Hollywood movies.
  • Outstanding views from the Sampov Pram Pagoda.

9. Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam

There are many amazing National Parks in Vietnam but Cat Tien takes our spot. It has the largest lowland tropical forest in this country. Previously three conservation areas, this national park now is protected and regulated by the VN forest rangers. Travelers can explore it with a local guide and you can visit deep into the park.

Major Attractions

  • Majestic Bird watching destination where you can spot numerous native and migratory bird species.
  • Fantastic cycling trails to explore the park.
  • Night safari to witness the nocturnal life in the Cat Tien National Park.
  • Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Center.

10. Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal 

Sagarmatha National park is the home of the Everest. It is one of the most popular National parks in the Himalayas. Trekking is the only option to reach the higher segments of the Sagarmatha National Park. The Everest Base Camp trek in particular is one of the most up voted activities to do in Asia.  

Major Attractions

  • The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest (8848 m) 
  • Fantastic trails to walk for trekkers around the world.
  • Majestic views of sunrise and sunset from different natural viewpoints.
  • Diverse landscape to explore in different climatic regions.

11. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo National Park in Indonesia is popular for one major component, the Komodo dragon. Located within the LesserSunda Islands. The National Park was first opened for the conservation of the Komodo dragons. Now it is an underrated destination for tourists looking to travel out of the ordinary.

Major Attractions

  • Watching Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat.
  • Beautiful beaches mostly empty or less crowded.
  • Hiking trails to surrounding small hills.
  • Diving at Manta Point to watch the marine ecosystem.

12. Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

Seoraksan National Park is one of the most picturesque natural destinations in Asia. It is home to some of the most rural flora and fauna. The national park has a large number of dissected granite rocks and hills. There are a few trails that you can follow to explore this national park.

Major Attractions

  • Dinosaur ridge, a central ridge of the Seoraksan which looks like a tail of a Dinosaur.
  • Well-maintained hiking trails to different other secondary locations. 
  • Beautiful Buddhist temples, Naksansa Temple being the most popular one.
  • Wonderful view from the top of Mt. Seorak (1708 m), third highest in South Korea.

13. Hong Kong Global Geopark, Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Geopark is a recently opened park in Hong Kong. UNESCO has also listed it in the Global Geopark network in 2011. For a short holiday, Hong Kong Geopark is a perfect getaway from the city areas.  It is known for the magnificent rock formation and some unreal natural monuments. The double haven harbor here is a beautiful place to be. 

Major attractions

  • Rare beautiful volcanic cliffs and rock formations.
  • Colonial East Dam of the High Island Reservoir.
  • Volcano Discovery Center.
  • MacLehose Trail beautiful for Hiking.

14. Deosai National Park, Pakistan

Deosai National Park encloses beautiful high-altitude alpine plains of Northern Pakistan. Home to the rare Himalayan Brown bear, Deosai Plateau is the second-highest plateau in the world. Spending some time here in the mountain resorts is a highly rated activity in Pakistan. Also, for adventure enthusiasts, one can bike across the national park overlooking the western Himalayas.

Major Attractions

  • Wonderful views of the mountains
  • Hike to the Shausar Lake
  • Sightseeing destinations with fantastic viewpoints
  • Mountain Wildlife and Vegetation National parks in Asia has so many experiences to offer for travelers. These fourteen National Parks displays the diverse ecosystem and geography of this continent. If a proper connection to raw nature is what you want from your vacation, these are the best ones for you.