Traveling is more fun when you are doing it with your family and loved ones. You might have to make some changes in comparison to a solo journey, but it is worth the efforts. Some places out there are just made for visiting with kids. These might sometimes allow a whole array of special family packages or in other times make your roles easier as a parent. It is always festive to see your family sharing the joyous slide that is traveling in Asia. Prepare for a vacation like none in this diverse and gorgeous continent.

Asia is a continent with lots and lots of travel possibilities suiting every kind of traveler. Similarly, there are a bunch of exquisite family-friendly destinations that will make your time here wonderful. From some tailor-made luxury tours to mild adventure locations for bonding exercises, Asia has it all. We might not suggest every kind of tour for you family-friendly destinations in Asia but there are selected few that can’t be missed. From the magical landscape and sceneries to supreme hospitality, your family can explore a different world here. Some spiritual sites for you and few other specialties for your kids, a tour here encapsulates both.

When it comes to family travel, choosing the right destination is the most important step. Might it just be for a short time or a long vacation, family-friendly places helps you to enjoy its different aspects without any hassle. Let’s focus on Asia in this scenario. This continent never fails to amaze travelers. Different age groups, interests, and cultures merge in the streets and landmarks of Asia. Similarly, it has some of the safest places for you to visit with high ease of travel and exploration. Everything pointed out here and much more awaits for you and your family in Asia. We have here 10 sublime family-friendly destinations in Asia to explore.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been one of the top-quality destinations for travelers all around the world. It has also established itself as a relaxed place for a family getaway. A tropical paradise with all kinds of wonderful leisure activities. If you are looking for a long vacation you can add other islands or even countries to your Family Bali tour. Another important factor for family travel in Indonesia is that is incredibly good value. On a controlled budget too, you can have a complete list of delights.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

  • Sunbath and picnic in one of the many beautiful beaches.
  • Family massage session in one of the available Spa center.
  • Overnight in green camp with amazing natural experience.
  • Try some fantastic street foods.

2. Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is a lovely valley in the western hills of Nepal. A combination of nature and adventure with lots and lots of activities to choose from, Pokhara is everything that a family can enjoy. Similarly, you have luxury options too for a pleasant vacation. Also, for someone looking to try new things, there are many teahouses to spend your nights followed by a nice hiking trail. Pokhara is underrated and you can be assured to get a fantastic holiday in a visit here. It is undoubtedly one of the best family-friendly destinations in Asia.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Pokhara, Nepal.

  • Sarangkot hike in the morning for the sunrise views of the Annapurna Mountain range. 
  • Boating at the pristine PhewaLake with a combination of a short hike to the World Peace Stupa.
  • Ghandruk village overnight stay.
  • Helicopter tour to the Himalayas and try Thakali cuisine on return.

3. Paro, Bhutan

There is no surprise that Bhutan is one of the best places in Asia for traveling with your friends and family. The hospitality and environment-friendly elements have been a major attraction here. We have picked Paro, the nearest city if you are flying to Bhutan, as our family-friendly destinations in Bhutan, Asia. Paro is known to have some fantastic places making your family vacation itinerary. Similarly, it is a prime location to add some other places in case you want to extend your vacation namely Thimphu and Punakha. For some new experiences in one of the best countries in Asia, Paro is your obvious choice.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Paro, Bhutan.

  • Whole day hike to the Majestic ParoTaktsang Monastery. Horses are also available for a majority of the path.
  • Visit Dzongs and other different monuments in Paro.
  • Overnight at a farmhouse enjoying some organic delights.
  • Camping at the scenic mountain grasslands of Bumdra. 

4. Vientiane, Laos 

Laos has been shadowed by other wonderful destinations in Southeast Asia. However, for a relaxing family vacation in a less-crowded Laos checks every box. The people in Laos value the importance of family time and are known to be very welcoming to children and elderly people. Similarly, Vientiane being the capital is still constituted of several hidden and laid-back family-friendly destinations for you in Asia. From subtle cookery classes to adventurous caving, your family can have it all in Vientiane City.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Vientiane, Laos. 

  • Evening with a sunset view at the Mekong Riverside Park.
  • A spiritual break in the beautiful Church of Sacred Heart.
  • Picturesque tour of the Pha That Luang or the Great Sacres Stupa.
  • Afternoon exploring the different fantastic segments of Buddha Park.

5. Sikkim, India

When the discussion takes place about travel in India colors, hustle, crowd, and chaos pop up. On the surface, this might be the last place to go with little kids. However, India has some of the best family-friendly destinations for travelers in Asia. The small hill state of Sikkim in northeastern India is one of the best here. Different from mainland India the weather is calmer alongside the lifestyle and travelers. You can easily plan over a week or two of holiday in Sikkim with your family.    

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Sikkim, India.

  • Visit the lovely hill station of Darjeeling also known as ‘the Queen of Hills’.
  • Hike to Tsongmo Lake in Gangtok.
  • Do the spiritual ‘Char Dham’ yatra covering four significant Hindu shrines of Namchi, Sikkim.
  • Visit the beautiful monasteries in different parts of Sikkim, India.

6. Shanghai, China

China is no stronger than having some of the highest quality family destinations. Our Pick here is the business hub of China, Shanghai. It attracts thousands of tourists each day and family tours make half of those too. With some wonderful and lively attractions, you can have a great weekend planned out with your family. It might not be the best budget option but Shanghai provides very good value for your money.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Shanghai, China.

  • Visit the Shanghai Wild Animal Park and also Shanghai Natural wild-insect Kingdom with your kids.
  • Cruise on the Huangpu River for the day tour to the Bund.
  • Viewing the panoramic view of the city from one of the many skyscrapers.
  • Attend the Shanghai Circus World at Disneyland Park, combined with the Shanghai Ocean Park. 

7. Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar is new to the world of travel and tourism. There are a few fantastic places that can provide those extra qualities of a perfect family vacation than Bagan. Share some time with the monks and explore the land laid back on time here with your family. Bagan is an ideal destination with a combination of subtle modern facilities and authentic natural and historic destinations. Add that to the side trips and activities, it will be one fantastic family vacation.  

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Bagan, Myanmar.

  • Hot air balloon ride over the ancient lands of Bagan with wide views to enjoy during sunrise.
  • Tour of the archeological museum with the educational values and interesting history combined with it.
  • Hike and exploration of some of the wonderful ancient Pagodas in this city.
  • Hire a private cruise boat in the sublime Irrawaddy River. 

8. Sabah, Malaysia

Sabah is one of the best natural destinations that you can enjoy on your family vacation. The monuments and historic sites alongside the beautiful religious shrines here give you several components to enjoy. Malaysia as a country has some amazing travel destinations but for something unique and natural look no further than Sabah.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Sabah, Malaysia.

  • Family hike to the beautiful Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak of Borneo overlooking the rain forest. 
  • View an unbelievable sunset at one of the many relaxing Bornean beaches.
  • Zip line between islands in the Rahman Marine Park.
  • Try some delicious fruits that Sabah has to offer with your family.

9. Chitwan, Nepal

Chitwan is one of the underrated nature-based destinations at the Terai plains of Nepal. Far and different from the regular day at your home, kids love to be a part of wonderful activities here.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Chitwan, Nepal.

  • Elephant safari in the divine Chitwan National Park.
  • Visit the elephant breeding center and Crocodile hatchery here for an educational break.
  • Take a village tour of the tribal Tharu settlements here. 
  • Enjoy a canoe cruise with a bird-watching experience.

10. Tokyo, Japan

Japan has been one of the best family-friendly countries not only in Asia but in the whole world. Tokyo will be an eventful vacation for family vacations. You can easily plan a fun week of exploration and interesting activities both in the city and suburb regions here. A clash of traditional and modern sites is something you wouldn’t like to miss.

Here are our top things to do for a family vacation in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Tokyo Disneyland with your kids.
  • Ueno Zoo and Legoland visit for a wonderful family time.
  • Tokyo tower visit in the evening for the enchanting view of the whole city.
  • Highlights of the city and more through a Hato Bus with your family.

With the above destinations, you can’t go wrong on your next family vacation in Asia. Apart from these obvious locations, there are numerous other underrated places where you can have a great time as well. Mark these for your next journey with family and loved ones in this magnificent continent.