Asia has always been known as the land of exotic and special. And for special events like proposing your partner, it is only adequate to do it in a magical location. Asia is abundant with romantic places. May it be in a natural viewpoint overlooking the majestic mountains or on a pristine beach your imagination is the limit here. On a cruise heading into nature or in the heart of ocean diving with your partner, the options are there to make your moment magical.

If you’ve decided to put a ring on your partner and want to make it exceptional hop on a plane to Asia. It is easy to wrap your planned day and time in one of the many romantic tours here. Your proposal will undoubtedly be the highlight of your tour but in Asia, you are bound to get some additional memories. You can select a sort tour here and pinpoint your time and place for you to propose. Another way is to plan a vacation here and on the best time just taking out the ring and spontaneously proposing your loved ones.

What will you want in your ideal destination for proposing to your loved ones? Sometimes, it could be simple and you can even plan intricately if you wish. The baseline is everything coming together with your way for a perfect proposal. This moment will be memorable and special for you all your life. The first and the most important step for you is to select a proper location. Here are 8 romantic places that we suggest to propose to your loved ones in Asia.

1.  Bintan Island, Indonesia

Indonesia is no stranger to being on the list of travel destinations in Asia. Bintan Island here makes a surprise entry before the popular Bali because of the wide selections of less-crowded but yet spectacular locations. Here you can take long walks on the sandy beaches and stay in one of the resorts nearby. Several hotels here can arrange a proposal location decorated with wine on standby for you. The perfect time will be the sunset and with the views choose your moment for the proposal.

Bintan Island is easy to reach and you can fly or take a speed cruise here. Singapore Airport connects direct flights from all over the world and the Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport is available for you to grab. From a cruise or ferry ride, you can reach here within an hour from the major islands of Indonesia. We recommend you a travel vacation on a regular period as well but for your marriage proposal, there are few better places than this picturesque island.

2. KohSamui, Thailand

Our second island entry on the list introduces us to the KohSamui. It is one of the most beautiful and surprisingly budget-friendly destinations on the Gulf of Thailand. KohSamui is a core of the Marine ecosystem and you can ask your loved ones to marry you in several isolated locations easily here. We suggest you the location of iconic HinYai and Hin Ta rocks here giving an artistic link to your proposal.

To reach KohSamui travelers can choose between cruise ships and airplanes. For you, if you have enough time we recommend the Samui Ferry Pires. It is adventurous and will be a nice built up for your proposal at the airport itself. By plane, it will be quicker and easier to be here and you can do a lot of activities leading to your planned proposal.

3. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Now locations don’t get as epic as the Everest Base Camp itself. You can actually marry here but we have picked the top of the world for your proposal for now. Being in the base camp of the highest peak in the world is a feat to remember in itself. With your proposal here you can turn this beautiful moment into a memory to treasure for eternity. If you are a type of couple-loving adventure together, the Everest Base Camp proposal is the epitome of love.

Reaching Everest on the other hand is not a joke. You can trek there which takes about a couple of weeks. If you are not a big fan of trekking and still want to propose to your loved ones in Everest we have a perfect alternative here. A helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is a short trip flying over the Base Camp and Landing on the magical ridge of Kala Patthar. Purpose your dearest here with the background of Everest clear and tall.

4. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Now for one of the luxury entries to our list here comes the majestic Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia. In your itinerary here you can add a lot of relaxing and amusing activities leading to your proposal. You have several points and locations where you can put a ring on your beloved. Our top recommendation here is to select one of the isolated smaller islands near Song Saa and request the staff of your hotel to prepare a small stand for you. Overlooking the wide ocean get down on your knees and say the magical words to your sweetheart.

Song Saa Private Island is easy to reach. You can catch a direct flight to the Sihanouk International Airport from other major cities of Asia. Once you are here you have to take a short drive (25 min) and Jump on a boat to the Island.

5. Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

Paro is one of the most beautiful cities in the Himalayas. And the highlight of the nation here is the magnificent ParoTaktsang Monastery. The scenic surrounding wonderful trail and beautiful monastery makes one complete location for you to pop the question. As a truly natural location, Bhutan has several more sites to choose from. However, ParoTaktsang is one opportunity that you can’t let slip while you are here. Such is the fame and beauty of this cliffside monument in Bhutan.

For reaching the Taktsang Monastery you can do a short day hike to the top in a scenic nature trail. Similarly, you can also hire a horse to the top in case you don’t fancy this hike. A short drive from the Paro Airport leads you to the trailhead here and it is simple from there to the monastery.

6. Taj Mahal, India

India is a land of so many special places that you can make a whole list from this single country itself. However, we have selected here the symbol of love itself and one of the most iconic architectural monuments in the world, ‘The Taj Mahal‘. This pristine white dome is considered one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Proposing your other half here is not a new idea though. Our top recommendation is to be at the adjacent side of the Taj Mahal in the Mehrtab Bagh Garden where you propose to your fiancé during sunrise.

TajMahal is one of the easiest places to reach on this whole list. Land in the IG international airport in Delhi. You can choose to travel by bus, trail, or private vehicle next to reach the Taj Mahal itself. Also, note the opening and closing times as well as days of the Taj Mahal before planning your visit here.  

7. Paradise Island, Maldives

The Maldives has long been one of the most beautiful and romantic couple’s destinations in Asia. These pristine chains of sublime islands and beaches are no strangers to some iconic proposes in the world. We have selected Paradise Island here as an ideal bundle of adventure and relaxation. For the proposal itself take a jet-ski to wander around and arrange a stand when you are back at the island. A complete surprise will be a great way to do it in Paradise Island and the sunset over the Indian Ocean is mesmerizing too. 

8.  Thu Bon River Cruise, Vietnam 

Hoi An is a highly underrated travel destination for couples. Thu Bon River cruise encapsulates the best of the city and much more in a single go here. Now for the proposal itself, we will recommend you try the Sunset cruise. Your perfect moment will be as the boat leaves the countryside and reaches the vast open sea with the glowing rays of sun on the horizon. You can do the cruise with your friends and family surprising them all in a beautiful setting here. 

To reach Hoi An you have to fly to the nearest city of Da Nang. A half-hour ride in a cab from here will take you to the city of Hoi An. You can get a direct flight to Hanoi or any other major Vietnamese city from different places in the world. Daily flights to Da Nang International Airport are easy to get from these cities.

A marriage proposal might be stressful for anyone with all different components. Asia will let you lay back a while. These 8 destinations are perfect for you with nature and landscape doing half the work for you. Your marriage proposal will be with you all your life and Asia, get it right with one of our recommendations.